Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking at Online Today...

(DISCLAIMER: I am typing this on my parents' PC, so please address all formatting errors to Mr. Bill Gates.)
in "Happy Birthday" for $18
Me last week to Matt over casual, teeth-brushing conversation: You know I've entered a new phase of life.
Him in response (after spitting): Oh? Is that right?
Me: Well, yeah. I'm now a nail painter.
Him: Huh?
Me (emphatically): I'm now a girl who always has her nails painted. I decided that a few months ago.
Him: Oh.
Me (in a disgruntled tone): What? You haven't noticed?!
Him (with appropriate air quotes): I mean, I noticed that you've painted your nails a couple times, but I guess I just didn't realize it was like, "a whole new phase" of your life.
Me (pointedly): is. So just get ready.
Of late, my new phase has included shades such as Sephora by OPI's Dark Room and Ocean Love Potion. Maybe, just maybe, Happy Birthday will be in my stocking once the hubs realizes this has been more than a phase, in fact, (add "dun, dun, DUH" sound effect here)'s a whole new era.

Minkpink tank dress for $48
Harried wardrobe stylists, busy moms, gals who want easy outfits: we're all in the same boat. Simple pieces that go season to season that are a snap to throw on without much thought are what we want. This dress layered over a tank under a denim jacket with tights and boots for now, as a swimsuit cover up or paired with a scarf and flip-flops for later. Done-ski. And it's grey--maybe the perfect color.

Jeffrey Campbell over-the-knee boot for $212

I just wrote a post a few days back on OTK boots, which featured several great choices. However, for my money, I have found THE boot for Fall. This one from Jeffrey Campbell has got my name all. over. it. I'm freaking out about the forest green; it's so unexpected, yet, it's a lot like khaki in that it will match pretty much everything. Since I'll be wearing a ton of black and lots of neutrals this winter, these boots will add that little twist that I'll need to perk up any outfit.


*cami* said...

ok, this is great. and 1. i told david almost the same thing about painting my nails just the other day. i was feeling like it would bring my spunk back in my mommy-hood. and then 2. i am loving grey and even did a grey on grey little ensemble that seemed dumb at the time, but i feel better now that you confirmed that it is ok to obsess over grey.
much love to you. i really miss ya!

liner said...

i just painted my nails OPI "suzi says da!" before i faithfully logged on to read your post. nail paints can be distracting (as in "what in the heck's on my fingers?"), and i go through phases; but ain't nuthin' like a good neon to pep up your nails and your mood.

the green suede boots are killing me.