Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Foolproof "Smart" Outfit for Dudes

I know I usually neglect the males out there on this blog. What can I say? I'm a girl! But I do dress plenty of guys, and have just finished up the red carpet for the CMAs. There are parties galore going on in Nashville tonight and the holiday season is right around the corner. So in honor of guys all over the place who have been taken for granted on this blog, here's a holiday/wedding/cocktail party/absolutely foolproof outfit that you could purchase in your sleep.

To make it easy, it's all from Express. That store is all over the place, and if I know guys, you wanna go one place, get in, get out, and get to the Apple store to play with some gadgets. Am I right?




So, to recap, here's the checklist: Black military-inspired button-up with a little spandex, which makes it fitted and gives it a nice sheen which is a little dressier than 100% cotton, sleeves rolled up (not as much as in the pic); black skinny tie for a monochromatic look; grey, straight-leg dress pants; and black dress belt. You can also reverse the colors--grey on top with black pants and black tie or go for some color on top with a blue shirt...or even purple! The foolproof part though is that anyone can wear a black shirt and a black tie. Not every guy can wear purple! And there's no need to be confusing. You're a guy. I'm just saying: sometimes things gotta be spelled out.

Oh, and for the love, please get yourself some nice, thin-nish-soled, semi-narrow black dress shoes. No more clunky soles or Steve Madden "dress tennis shoes." Seriously. You'll just ruin it.


Matt said...

Amen. To reiterate, avoid the chunky shoes that are the "casual/dressy" hybrid. Run from them. They'll only deceive you. Don't convince yourself that they look okay. Great job, Ambo!

Jason Jones said...

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for your wise counsel! :)