Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Fall Must-Have for Guys and Girls: The Denim Shirt

Carrie and Matt Edmonson represent the gold standard of Nashville denim

When I think about a denim shirt, I think about my dad in the 80s, manual labor, and until recently, nothing I'd ever wear as a fashion statement--maybe something I'd throw on before, say, painting the exterior of my house or planting some shrubs. That has changed, and if I were more of a fashion maven, I'd know why.

One thing I DO know, is that in my small community of 12South, part of why so many guys and gals are embracing the denim shirt is because of Imogene + Willie, fairly new to the 'hood, but certainly not new to the art of denim. Just have a peek at their look book, and it is bursting with pics of guys and gals rocking the denim shirt in a 1920s work wear kind of way. And I am drooling over this spread in GQ of the J. Crew men's Spring 2010 collection, which highlights the selvedge chambray shirt (lightweight, looks like denim) in tons of different ways: with a suit and tie, under a cardigan, and mixed with jeans.

For guys, there's really one simple rule: Make sure that when mixing your denim shirt with other denim, that you are working two different washes. Otherwise, you will look like my dad in the 80s...or worse, an Ohio State fan (except they'd be wearing jorts, which no one reading this would ever do--unacceptable.)

Now for girls, the one simple rule is to mix your denim shirt with a couple feminine items. The pic below found on the J.Crew website is a perfect example--she's wearing statement jewelry and that awesome sequin pencil skirt. I would wear this outfit to a holiday party for sure! So cute and unexpected next to the sea of black strapless party dresses. If you're thinking about giving the denim shirt a test-drive, I've picked a few online in a range of prices for you. And shoot, you could always buy a men's style a little baggier and throw it on over tights and boots or even moccasins. It's an easy way to dress down a dress too, just wear it like a jacket.

Selvedge chambray shirt from J. Crew for $98

Western bonfire shirt at American Eagle for $44.50

Levi's denim shirt on for $15.96


Unknown said...

I totally agree that these remind me of my dad in the 80's...he always wore these to work as a heavy equipment operator.

ashley h said...

i really am so proud of you for showing your lsu pride- even in your snide jab :) miss you!