Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LC Lauren Conrad

Apparently when you are semi-famous and you design something for a dept. store, it is mandatory that the name of the collection be some sort of nickname or your first name and then your full name. Mine I guess would be Ambo: Amber Lehman or just plain Amber: Amber Lehman. For those of you who watch The Hills (I'm more of a The City fan myself), you affectionately call Lauren Conrad LC. Of course her collection for Kohl's is then translated into LC Lauren Conrad. Why not? I promise this week to get out to Kohl's and give you my critique of it, but I'll tell you--the most impressive thing about it online is the intro they've filmed of her looking all cute on the website. Looks pretty boring.

I guess "LC" isn't really known for looking particularly flashy, but I thought there'd be more of a bohemian flair, more great prints. Umm, it looks like a snooze cruise. But I haven't seen it in person, so I'll reserve judgment 'til I do. I did like this little number, however. Think it would be really cute with some black flats, tights and a grey cardigan. This dress would also look good on all shapes. It's Kohl's, ladies. They have more than just 2, 4, and 6 :-).

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liner said...

I can't wait for your line. Wait...OUR line at OUR store! amberline-r or amboline or lineberleh, amberol (sounds like it cures a toothache), or ambersaurus & carolinerex... ok, so I might need help with the naming.