Thursday, October 15, 2009

BB Dakota Battalion Jacket

Here's the jacket in cream/gold on for $79

I have found a jacket under $100 that you need to go buy. I saw it in one of my style mags last month and thought there was no way it would actually fit well, but I tried it, and it does! It is the BB Dakota Battalion Jacket. They have it in black/gold right now at Macy's in Green Hills for $79.

BB Dakota is one of those brands that for a long time had cute stuff and good prices, but a horrible fit. It seems that recently they may have done an overhaul, because I've been able to use a lot more things in shoots that actually fit. The jacket above in black is one I used yesterday. I put it on a lady in her late 30s over a simple silk blouse with jeans and platform pumps. For someone younger, you could go a little funkier underneath with a graphic tee. And for any age, a simple button-up would tame this jacket down if the military style feels a little too edgy for you.

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