Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Military Jacket

On my last shopping excursion to XXI out at Opry Mills, I ran into the lovely Maisha, one of my retail friends who works at Posh, and she had this jacket in her paws. I think I successfully talked her into buying it. I mean, I couldn't believe it was at Forever 21. It perfectly embodies fall's mini-obsession with military, and it's not made of flimsy acrylic or cotton.

Someone the other day asked me what the key pieces for fall were. I think I was in a cold medicine fog and couldn't slur out an answer, but I'll tell you that clearly, I've already answered the question. A military jacket, since I'm now on my second post in a week on them. Get one. Get this one! I've seen it in person, and it's adorable.


liner said...

I'm seeing all kinds of michael jackson military jackets. His style is for sure influencing the trend.

Terrah Hamilton said...

Hi Amber!
Love XXI, especially in the back corner on the left hand side...the secret stash...Test area. LOVE it! xo