Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking At Online Today...

If I had to pick a supermodel who is a little under-the-radar that I've always loved, it would be Erin Wasson. She was or is, I'm not sure, a Maybelline model, and I remember very specifically a choppy bob of a haircut from a Maybelline ad that I emulated not once, but twice. She's also just really, ridiculously cool. Kinda like Kate Moss--her long, lithe frame always enveloped in something way cooler than anything I'd ever have in my closet.

Since I heart her, I was excited to hear that she was collaborating with RVCA. I love RVCA--they make cool t-shirts that aren't lame and a lot of other awesome stuff that's affordable. My fave skeleton tee is a RVCA shirt, as a matter of fact.

The reason the heading on this blog is "looking at" and not "purchasing online today", however, is that Erin apparently costs a lot to collaborate with. So the prices aren't cheap, but it sure is fun to pretend that I could own that $195 fringy, oversized cowboy shirt. That would get some looks at Christmas dinner at Nana's--that's for sure. And comments from my Uncle Rick like, "Is that your brother's shirt?" "You could have worn my shirt if you wanted it to be that big." "Nashville turned you into a cowgirl?"....yeah, that's just a sampling.

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