Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking At Online Today...

If I had to pick a supermodel who is a little under-the-radar that I've always loved, it would be Erin Wasson. She was or is, I'm not sure, a Maybelline model, and I remember very specifically a choppy bob of a haircut from a Maybelline ad that I emulated not once, but twice. She's also just really, ridiculously cool. Kinda like Kate Moss--her long, lithe frame always enveloped in something way cooler than anything I'd ever have in my closet.

Since I heart her, I was excited to hear that she was collaborating with RVCA. I love RVCA--they make cool t-shirts that aren't lame and a lot of other awesome stuff that's affordable. My fave skeleton tee is a RVCA shirt, as a matter of fact.

The reason the heading on this blog is "looking at" and not "purchasing online today", however, is that Erin apparently costs a lot to collaborate with. So the prices aren't cheap, but it sure is fun to pretend that I could own that $195 fringy, oversized cowboy shirt. That would get some looks at Christmas dinner at Nana's--that's for sure. And comments from my Uncle Rick like, "Is that your brother's shirt?" "You could have worn my shirt if you wanted it to be that big." "Nashville turned you into a cowgirl?"....yeah, that's just a sampling.

Friday, September 25, 2009

RACHEL: Rachel Roy

Jennifer Nettles is always exceptionally dressed for a country artist. Her best look, maybe EVER, is this one from the Grammys last year in Rachel Roy. This dress is absolute perfection. Maybe you haven't heard of Rachel Roy, but you're about to.

She got her start in fashion as a stylist, eventually taking over as creative director of Rocawear. She launched her own eponymous line in 2005, which has had pretty good success on the red carpet in the last year or so. Her newest gig, which I am most excited about, is offering her design savvy and luxury aesthetic to Macy's shoppers with an AWESOME collection called RACHEL Rachel Roy. I can't tell you how much I love it. It's simultaneously sexy and wearable, young, yet accessible to all ages of women and did I mention it's available at Macy's? (And you know when clothing is sold at dept. stores it can eventually go on sale and if you're extra frugal, you can use a coupon.)

I actually spent about 30 minutes at the jewelry counter the other day trying to figure out if I could spend a ton of money on RRR and just write it off on taxes for "photoshoot materials." Yeah, the angel on my right shoulder finally chopped the devil on my left shoulder in the neck, and I got back to work empty-handed.

Below are some of my fave pieces from the whole collection, which includes accessories, outerwear, shoes, pretty much everything. Let me tell you, editing it to just these three was a bear. I'll just go ahead and disclaim this: This collection rocks and there's not a bad piece.

This dress is styled perfectly for a party, but let me tell you how you could wear it should you think it is too short or too bright as is...1) Put a slouchy blazer over it and wear it with black flats. 2) Put black or black-patterned tights under it and wear it with tall black boots.

This ring is just itching to be worn on your middle finger and accessorized with a huge cocktail ring on your forefinger.

Caroline and I have been discussing how much we want a Chanel purse--you know, the classic quilted one with the chain strap. It really would work with any outfit and therefore, we should have it. When I start AMBER Amber Lehman, then maybe that will be the case. But until then, I should just stick with this one.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Steel Magnolia "Keep On Lovin' You"

The video we worked on for Steel Magnolia's first ever single was just released last week. It was directed by Trey Fanjoy, whom I got to work with for the first time--so fun! I especially LOVED Meghan's dress in the karaoke/going out scene. It's by Sass and Bide, one of my absolute favorite lines ever. This Australian line is a little bit girly, a little bit rock and roll and SO me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

London Fashion Part 3: Flats, Flats, and More Flats!

From the Urban Outfitters catalog--cute dress and lace-up oxfords. Add tights and a denim jacket for fall and you're done-zo.

I actually had some girl friends the other night try and talk me into buying Danskos and Easy Spirits. Because I walk so much for my job, they think it would help my back. Ummmm, Oh My Gosh, you guys! That would completely ruin my credibility! I've already all but sacrificed ever wearing heels again; I'm certainly not gonna succumb to wearing Easy Spirits to shop. Can you imagine?!

Just because you walk a lot, doesn't mean you have to wear your grandma's orthopedic shoes. In London, the girls walk a whole lot. Much like in New York, wearing anything but a flat shoe is just not practical. (If you need more support, get some insoles. DON'T wear Easy Spirits!) There are three flat shoes in particular that I saw A LOT of in London.
  1. Keds
  2. Oxfords
  3. Slip-on flats
The pair of Keds that I saw most frequently were these black ones with the black sole. Most girls were wearing them with the kind of outfit I referenced on Tuesday's blog--with tights and shorts or with tights and a dress. I think just about anyone could wear Keds. They're completely timeless. And hopefully you're at a point now where you don't have to buy the knock-offs and glue on the little blue square. I wasn't the only one who did that, right?

An androgynous, menswear-inspired look is bigtime for fall--slouchy big blazers, boyfriend jeans, oversized button-up shirts and oxford-style flat shoes. When Annie and I were hanging out in the Spitalfields area of London one day, which we completely stumbled upon and TOTALLY loved, I promise you 50% of the girls were wearing oxfords. If you have the time to source yours from a vintage shop, you'd get a better deal and have a more unique pair, but if not, the ones below from are a good example of the type that I spotted.

The slip-on flats I saw in London ranged from the very preppy with a cute little blazer, scarf and boot-cut jean to the more rock-and-roll inspired like I have pictured below. There are lots of studded and zippered flats to be found and if you're looking for a way to edge up your look a little for fall, this is an easy way to do it besides wearing acid-washed jeans...but I do love acid-washed jeans this season if you dare. I also loved how the girls would mix an animal-print flat with just about anything. Note: Mixing prints can be a good thing. Here's a great online feature from for reference and inspiration.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

London Fashion Part 2: Pantyhose Under Shorts

I get nostalgic...the fact that there are no more horses and buggies, email has all but replaced letter-sending...I mean, I wanted to BE Laura Ingalls.  Although I was super jealous of Nellie Olson's ringlets, she was sorta a meanie.  When I watch Mad Men, I'm glad that people don't still smoke like demons in public places, but at the same time, I get sentimental that I don't go to the beauty shop weekly to get my hair set like my Nana, that I don't wear short little gloves and a hat home from work and that men don't wear suits everywhere.  

So imagine how excited I was in London to see that pantyhose, which I thought were long since gone, are making a major comeback.  (Which my Nana never leaves home without, even when she's just wearing knee-highs with her polyester pants to "run to town.") However, these are not your grandma's "suntan" shade Leggs.  

Here are the basics:  Like Kate Moss there on the left, most girls were wearing black pantyhose with denim shorts and flats or flat boots.  Plenty of girls were wearing opaque pantyhose with dresses and skirts, and yes, I saw some traditional suntan shades.  But mostly they were sheer black.  If you wanna really, really make a statement, then let your control top hang out of your shorts.  What?!  Yes.  Lots of girls were clearly wearing control top and clearly did not care that you knew that they were. That's a fresh take on pantyhose, huh, Nana?  That underwear as outerwear phenomenon is actually akin to a look I sported for a while in high school that my cousins will NOT let me live down (I don't blame them.)  Ever the trendsetter, I had a phase where I wore men's boxer shorts over jogging pants.  Wow, that sounds extra atrocious now that I've typed it.  Not sure what that was all about, but thanks for letting me share.  I know this is a safe place. 

Back to the topic at hand though.  Pantyhose under shorts really is a practical way to continue wearing shorts into the chillier months of fall.  Just make sure they are a fallish material--some sort of herringbone, tweed, or denim, not linen or lightweight cotton.  And how cute to mix bulkier knits on top and keep it slinkier on the bottom so people know that you're underneath all that wool--like our style icon in the pic up there.  

Gosh, I'm not gonna lie y'all, writing this post has gotten me very excited to go to Dillard's (the closest we have to an old school department store) to buy some Hanes Her Way black opaques.  I might even wear some gloves, a dress, and a scarf over my hair when I go.  Anyone got any AquaNet I can borrow?