Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yaya for URBAN

I cannot hide my excitement any longer. Yael Aflalo has decided to collaborate with Urban Outfitters on a new line called Nom de Plume by Yaya. (I'm practically squealing while typing this...)

"Who the heck is Yaya Aflalo?" you say? When I was at Emmaline, there was one line at market that I always, always was flipping out to see--Yaya. (It was the one that we'd later have to edit down to about half because I had ordered so much.) Yaya always perfectly fit my personal style. In my closet are things that are somewhat classic, but have a really cool cut, or really cool pattern. Yaya always does this so flawlessly in her boutique line. She's continued to do so in Nom de Plume, and now, folks like us can buy it!

My favorite piece: this rockin' floral pattern silk racerback. So cute under a cropped leather jacket or layered over a grey tank right now. And my birthday's this month if y'all wanted to pitch in and buy it for me.


Jaccob n' Coddie said...

Can you tell me where Megan Lindsey - SM - got that fab white sequin dress that she wore they night they won? Please...

Amber Lehman said...

Sure! I got it at Bebe!