Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introducing Hamilton

As I've mentioned on this blog before, one of the challenges for an extrovert like me to be self-employed is the lack of interaction with people like someone who works in a traditional office might have.  There really are no "water cooler" conversations, no overindulgence in Krispy Kreme in the break room, and no company BBQs here at 2803 Vaulx.  To combat the down-in-the-dumps feelings I can get from working at home all day, I've started to think of the retail workers at the various stores where I shop as "surrogate co-workers."  They might think this is creepy, but I love it. Like the other day, I had a "water cooler" convo with Maisha at Posh about what exactly Kim Kardashian would be doing if she weren't famous and well-off.  She probably wouldn't be dating my boyfriend Reggie Bush, that's for sure.  (I kid.) Anyway, in terms of office parties, there are numerous proms and gatherings at 2L where I can go partake in food and drink with the lovelies that work there.  Meghann, Neely, and Paige at Posh in Green Hills are always up for some fashion talk about the newest line to arrive, the coolest jewelry going right now, and then if I just want a zen-spa-like experience (without the spa) to get out of the house, there's the ever-aromatic Anthropologie to browse in next door to Posh.  

Having friends and co-workers also gives you people to cheer on and to share life with.  And it TOTALLY sucks when they move out of Nashville, like someone I've come to really enjoy and look forward to seeing on my many trips to Posh--Terrah Hamilton.  She's moving to Memphis after helping turn Posh into the must-go-to location of Nashville shopping.

Like many of my "co-workers", she's super-talented and she started creating these amazing necklaces masquerading as scarves.  I'm not sure what the actual term is, but they're really cool and affordable.  They sort of double as your spring (well, summer now) essential, the summer scarf.  As you can see below, there are numerous ways to wear the Maxwell X-Long version, from necklace-like or wrapped multiple times.  I wanted to introduce you all and tell you to go to her Etsy store and browse the other Hamilton designs.

I'll miss you so much, Terrah!  (And hope you don't mind that I yanked all these pics off your blog.)

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