Monday, July 6, 2009

Get It Before It's Gone

I'm a pretty lucky gal.  (Get it?  Lucky?)  I just got back from a leisurely week at the beach in Gulf Shores with my very easy-to-hang-out-with in-laws and my sweet hubs. It's great to be somewhere where you are actually encouraged to relax--so, that's what I did.  While I read two books, this blog's not about my literary recommendations, so I'll move right along to the mags I perused.  My biggest endorsement from all my mindless reading material is that you need to go right now, if you're not a subscriber, and grab the July edition of Lucky with Becki Newton under the masthead. It is literally jam-packed with bargains and "Everything in this issue is UNDER $100!"  is what they purport on the cover.  I've edited the edition to a few of my favorite things for you.

I used to be a huge proponent of having a 'signature scent'; however, I've realized that my attention span when it comes to perfume rarely lasts an entire bottle.  That's good in a budgetary sense as well, because I've gotten to buying smaller versions of full-size scents that I can use to the bottom!  And hey, it allows me to change my scent with the whim of my mood or the season.  I'm getting this one for sure--Pacifica Tunisian Jasmine solid scent at  There are over 20 scents, and you can use the "lucky7" code at checkout to save 35 percent making the price a yummy $5.85.   

I literally cannot believe this top is only $9.60 at right now.  It is styled beautifully in yellow in the magazine with white jeans.  Get it!

Great site for cheaper jewelry and this faux-pearl drop toggle for $30 on

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Abby said...

Lucky magazine is my favorite. I love it!