Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Street Style

Sometimes I think it's fun to go to Fido (or some other trendy Nashville coffee house), hang for a while and just take in all the creative outfits. It's also stimulating to follow sites like The Sartorialist for street-style; they keep me on my toes with what people across the globe are wearing these days. And really, sites like these are also great for when you're feeling that your whole closet is totally lame. The next time this happens, head over to luckymag's very similar online outpost showing real people wearing real'll help you mix up what you already have in a new way. And lastly, for more "street-style" inspiration, here's a little video shot in Soho on NYLON TV. It's more fun than practical. I mean, who really wears a onesie besides my dad under his coveralls before he goes hunting in the winter? The point is, everything doesn't have to be brand new--there are great sites out there like etsy and Ebay to buy pre-loved clothes for cheap.

Monday, July 27, 2009

ALS Goes WorldWide. No, For Real.

In the immortal words of Clark W. Griswold, I wouldn't have been more surprised if I'd "woken up with my head sewn to the carpet" when Tony Taylor from Dreamwest Magazine called to feature ALS. Dreamwest is not just any magazine. It's a!! If any of you know French, maybe you could peruse the article and make sure he doesn't say that I'm horrible and not nice. (I'm sure he didn't.)

Tony was so kind to call me up and do an interview, and I feel really humbled that he thinks someone across the ocean might wanna read about me. Yay France!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holly Williams in People

Hi I heard something funny today...that the People magazine currently on news stands with America's darling Jon Gosselin on the cover is already outdated. Because he already has a new girlfriend!!! What a freaking dumpster fire of a spectacle. Geez.

Anyway, if you already have the mag, flip to page 44 where Holly Williams is featured. I styled this shoot straight from her closet a couple months ago and she looks gorge. Oh, and Jeremy Cowart, who just updated his already stellar website, shot it.

Of note: I would like to point out that she's wearing one of my favorite jewelry lines, Winifred Grace, in those lovely earlobes. They sell it here in town at The Perfect Pair. And while it's no deal of the day or anything, the pieces are all truly unique and handmade...and shoot, here's Serena van der Woodsen wearing it on the Gossip Girl set the other day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introducing Hamilton

As I've mentioned on this blog before, one of the challenges for an extrovert like me to be self-employed is the lack of interaction with people like someone who works in a traditional office might have.  There really are no "water cooler" conversations, no overindulgence in Krispy Kreme in the break room, and no company BBQs here at 2803 Vaulx.  To combat the down-in-the-dumps feelings I can get from working at home all day, I've started to think of the retail workers at the various stores where I shop as "surrogate co-workers."  They might think this is creepy, but I love it. Like the other day, I had a "water cooler" convo with Maisha at Posh about what exactly Kim Kardashian would be doing if she weren't famous and well-off.  She probably wouldn't be dating my boyfriend Reggie Bush, that's for sure.  (I kid.) Anyway, in terms of office parties, there are numerous proms and gatherings at 2L where I can go partake in food and drink with the lovelies that work there.  Meghann, Neely, and Paige at Posh in Green Hills are always up for some fashion talk about the newest line to arrive, the coolest jewelry going right now, and then if I just want a zen-spa-like experience (without the spa) to get out of the house, there's the ever-aromatic Anthropologie to browse in next door to Posh.  

Having friends and co-workers also gives you people to cheer on and to share life with.  And it TOTALLY sucks when they move out of Nashville, like someone I've come to really enjoy and look forward to seeing on my many trips to Posh--Terrah Hamilton.  She's moving to Memphis after helping turn Posh into the must-go-to location of Nashville shopping.

Like many of my "co-workers", she's super-talented and she started creating these amazing necklaces masquerading as scarves.  I'm not sure what the actual term is, but they're really cool and affordable.  They sort of double as your spring (well, summer now) essential, the summer scarf.  As you can see below, there are numerous ways to wear the Maxwell X-Long version, from necklace-like or wrapped multiple times.  I wanted to introduce you all and tell you to go to her Etsy store and browse the other Hamilton designs.

I'll miss you so much, Terrah!  (And hope you don't mind that I yanked all these pics off your blog.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Skirt Every Girl Needs

If I have one go-to for the hot days of summer, it's my American Apparel jersey pocket skirt.  It's got to be the easiest thing in my closet.  I've tucked in button-ups, t-shirts, and tanks can wear it high-waisted, slouchy, put all kinds of treats/snacks in the pockets.  And it's SSSSSOOOOO comfortable!  My assistant, who's pregnant, recently bought it in three colors. How versatile!  My favorite way to wear it is with an easy v-neck t-shirt (like the gal pictured here) and a statement necklace like the one below at Anthropologie.  The one drawback is that it is so lightweight, that sometimes you might be walking down the Opry Mills mall and not know that the back might be hiked up above your butt cheek.  It may have happened to someone recently. I'm just saying...I knew annoying-dead-sea-salts-lotion-kiosk guy was being a little too friendly...

If this particular skirt is a little short for your lifestyle, a longer alternative is this guy.  Also, if your budget doesn't allow for a $30 skirt that's essentially a t-shirt, they have a really good alternative at Target in about 14 colors for $10.  

Stormy Sea Necklace at Anthropologie for $48

Friday, July 17, 2009

Skinny Dippin' Creates a Stir

If you read this blog regularly, you know I like to throw in smart-alleck comments about how no one, well, COMMENTS.  I personally don't really care--I know in my heart that you're all out there :-).  And this was demonstrated since my post on the Skinny Dippin' video.  Several of you (from as far away as Chico, CA!!) have emailed about where to get Whitney's beautiful white bikini and who makes it. Well, if you're in town, I got it at Dillard's, and it's by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  If you're out of town, well, that's gonna be a little harder. Here it is in black on  I can't find it online in white to save my life, although Macy's and Dillard's both carry it.  That would probably be your best bet to find it; just go to a department store near you. Good luck, white bikini lovers!

Sale is On Sale

You guys know I love a sale...that's on SALE!!!  Take an extra 50% off all sale items at Urban Outfitters stores until July 19th.  (!!!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Can You Duet?

Contestants Cassie and Memarie chat with Lance 
after their performance

Some of you may know that my assistant Carrie and I worked on the CMT show "Can You Duet 2" in April of this year.  It was maybe the best professional experience I've had...well, except for when I was a sideline reporter for the now defunct Lafayette Roughnecks Arena Football team--I had aspirations of being Erin Andrews.  "Can You Duet" airs on Saturday nights at 8 pm or you can also watch episodes on line.  

In the beginning of the season, I was just dressing the host Lance Smith and working with the contestants' own wardrobe (sometimes a little scary.)  I actually started buying them stuff toward the end.  If you watch the show, you'll be able to tell when I step in.  

I really do recommend you tune in--it's the perfect antidote to some of the  lame summer TV that's out there.  And if you like American Idol, the same producers worked on this show.  So you kind of know what to expect.  Hope you watch!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Heart Happy Hours

I love me a happy hour.  Usually a HH involves fun friends, a drink or two and my fave--good deals.  Here's one you all should take note of.  If you haven't visited Zumi Sushi, you need to go right now, and get the Black & Gold...BEST. ROLL. EVER.  See below for HH deets.  

Monday, July 6, 2009

Skinny Dippin' is Out!

You saw the behind-the-scenes footage a couple weeks ago of the making of this Whitney Duncan video, well it's out!  Have a look~Directed by Roman White, hair and makeup by Lorena Lopez and of course, I picked the clothes.  If ever the phrase, "She would look good in a potato sack" is true, it's true of Whitney.  See for yourself....

Get It Before It's Gone

I'm a pretty lucky gal.  (Get it?  Lucky?)  I just got back from a leisurely week at the beach in Gulf Shores with my very easy-to-hang-out-with in-laws and my sweet hubs. It's great to be somewhere where you are actually encouraged to relax--so, that's what I did.  While I read two books, this blog's not about my literary recommendations, so I'll move right along to the mags I perused.  My biggest endorsement from all my mindless reading material is that you need to go right now, if you're not a subscriber, and grab the July edition of Lucky with Becki Newton under the masthead. It is literally jam-packed with bargains and "Everything in this issue is UNDER $100!"  is what they purport on the cover.  I've edited the edition to a few of my favorite things for you.

I used to be a huge proponent of having a 'signature scent'; however, I've realized that my attention span when it comes to perfume rarely lasts an entire bottle.  That's good in a budgetary sense as well, because I've gotten to buying smaller versions of full-size scents that I can use to the bottom!  And hey, it allows me to change my scent with the whim of my mood or the season.  I'm getting this one for sure--Pacifica Tunisian Jasmine solid scent at  There are over 20 scents, and you can use the "lucky7" code at checkout to save 35 percent making the price a yummy $5.85.   

I literally cannot believe this top is only $9.60 at right now.  It is styled beautifully in yellow in the magazine with white jeans.  Get it!

Great site for cheaper jewelry and this faux-pearl drop toggle for $30 on