Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Can Look Like L.C.

Apparently Davis-Kidd last was all abuzz last week when L.C., aka Lauren Conrad, came to sign her book L.A. Candy.  Didn't even know she was here.  She's been looking remarkably cute for this book tour, that's for sure.  Not that she doesn't always, but I can hear the conversation between her and her stylist in my head now:

LC:  Can't I just wear maxi dresses and sandals?
LC's stylist:  No, you wrote a book, you have to look like you're an author.
LC:  But I am an author.
LC's stylist:  Really?!  I mean, yes, you are an author.  So you should look like one.  

What they've opted to do is still put her in clothes that are young and fresh, but that also look professional and grown-up at the same time.  I like it.  And I so wish I could wear my hair that effortlessly in those Princess Leia side braids.  Well, and let's be honest, my liquid liner never looks that good. 

My point here is that I found some shorts that look exactly like the ones she wore at Barnes and Noble in NYC last week--sort of silky and dressy and just comfy-looking.  Get yourself some bronzing lotion and these shorts at Express for 20% off of $19.99 and you're half-way to being an author yourself.  

I couldn't find a great pic of these on-line, but these are similar 
and the same price. 

All pics of Lauren Conrad are from www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com

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