Friday, June 19, 2009

I've Been Loving...

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Clearly from our dress choice for Julianne, I've been loving some ruffles.  She sorta has that personality, the "ruffley" kind of personality, I guess.  The opposite of that would be Zooey Deschanel's character in "Elf."  She probably wouldn't wear ruffles.  She's a little too cynical. All that to say, ruffles aren't for everyone.  But I love 'em, and here are some pieces that I like that are ruffley.

The Hunter Dixon version of this is much cuter, but who would ever pay $312 for a neon yellow/green skirt?  Well, not me.  So, this will have to work on, $24

This Express dress needs a more exciting belt, but I like the idea.  $69.50

Anthropologie top, $58, in a color called "brewed bean shell" (what the??!)

Some shopping notes...Ruffles are great on bottom if you have more of a boyish figure, because they will give you the illusion of curves.  If you already have the illusion of curves because you actually have curves, then stick to ruffles on top.  

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Kristi said...

I've always thought Anthro color-namers were taking bong hits at work. Like that discount they'd get isn't enough!