Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deal of the Day

You all know that I've never hidden my love for Two Elle. It's my favorite!  Well, this blog about 2L is two-fold:  1) Our deal of the day is this very cute dress by Hazel marked down from $88 to $29.99.  This would be one sweet swimsuit cover-up or is just adorable as is.

2) 2L is MOVING!  I must say that I am sad about this. Being a resident of 12South, it pains me to see them leave the little house beside Trim; however, they're moving to the Hill Center, which means they'll probably be around longer 'cuz they'll make more money.  Yay!! I've made my peace with it.  Because they're moving though, they have a TON of stuff on sale.  Stop by!  Tell the gals I said 'hi'!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Love you! Love you! Love you!
That's all I have to say!
Well, also that we'll miss our darling little house and our darling little neighborhood, too. But you're right; this is a happy move. And believe me, I'll still be around 12South, because NOTHING will stop me from daily Frothy Monkey!