Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random that I'm Kinda a Trendsetter

I know this is small and random (literally...the pic is about one square inch), but I'm kinda excited that ALS got picked in the People country edition for setting a trend--CHUNKY JEWELRY!! Too bad I've kinda let myself go lately and rarely leave the house without a t-shirt on. I'll just set trends on others and continue to be the stylist that makes people think, "Gah, why doesn't she wear anything but gym clothes" when it comes to myself. I'm okay with that.

Credits: Jessica Harp, ACM Awards, Erickson Beamon for Swarovski Atelier earrings

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Unknown said...

Amber - You know I LOVE my country music and actually saw the article in Country People this weekend! We are so proud of you!