Friday, May 8, 2009

Out Last Night

Great way to start the weekend:
  1. Pop open a Corona or equally-refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.
  2. Sit outside during the brief respite from the deluge.
  3. Eat a cupcake (not reserved for just starting the weekend.)
  4. Knock off from work early.
  5. Watch the new Kenny Chesney video I styled!!!
Directed by Shaun Silva, this video is a winner. It perfectly captures the fun party anthem that "Out Last Night" is. I would like to disclaim that I do not condone "body shots up on the bar" or "getting into a fist-fight down by the car." I was in a fight once, yes, I was. But she never should have called me that name. The End.


Jenn said...

Great job Amber!

liner said...

love the mix of the girls in sequins and the denim cut-offs. no shell necklaces - good job!