Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #5: Summer Scarf

Jessica Alba with her adorable child in an awesome yellow version

You may have already gotten into this trend as it's been around a little while now, but I still love it so much.  Especially when it's a touch brisk outside and you just need that little extra to warm ya up.   (I'll also take a tall latte, please.)   The key is that you gotta pick one in a lightweight fabric.  Like, if I see you sporting your wool one, I'm chopping you in the neck.  The scarf really only works for me when it's brisk too.  It kinda wears me out when it's dead middle of July and I can see the sweat beads on a girl's upper lip, but she's still got her scarf wrapped around her neck like she's getting paid.  Please don't do that.  Here are some examples to do NOW while you actually need it:

Great scarf and rockin' bangs at for $28.00

Sooo pretty with ankle jeans, flats, gold hoops and a white v-neck...

A green alternative...plant-dyed!!  On for $12

Now, here's the how-to for those of you who aren't familiar.  You can wrap it like you would your winter scarf, or just leave it hanging there open like Keith Richards would do.  It's up to you.  Buy one that's bright and colorful and wear it with solid tops or stripes.  Easy peezy.

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Anonymous said...

this is some of your best writing yet. I laughed out loud. You've hit your stride ;)