Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #4: Plaid Shirt

The last time I was n NYC, I was with my friend Annie, and at one point, I thought she might have to have an intervention.  She actually said to me, "I think you have a problem with plaid."  I think she's right--I kinda love it.  I always gravitate toward it, and I've always been like that.  This season however, my obsession really works because Spring Essential #4 is the plaid shirt.  You can get in any shape--whatever works for you.  I would roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt and leave it open over a tank top.  Take a more blousey top and put it with a pair of white jeans.  If you're not into white, wear a more beat-up, relaxed style, cuffed at the bottom with some cute brown sandals or flats.  

I found all the plaid shirts you could ever want below on 

Classic red and black.  Love.  $27.80.

I love this one dressed up for a night out with funky jewelry, skinny jeans and platforms.  $19.80!

Lots of girls shy away from this shape because they say "it makes me look pregnant."  Well, a lot of times, especially if you are curvier, where that band hits can highlight the smallest part of your waist.  Try it on for $19.80.

$27.80 and such great colors

This one is only $24.80, and I highly suggest with white.

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*cami* said...

i need to get harper a plaid shirt!