Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #2: 80s Accessories

I know most of you readers out there aren't 19 anymore.  And that's okay--older and wiser, right?  So if I went nuts and told you all to go out and buy everything neon because the 80s are back, you'd say I was crazy.  So we're gonna take it down a notch and just say to mix in a few 80s accessories into your look.  You'll still get that awesome pop of brightness, which is great for spring, without looking like you're going to a costume party.  

These + off-the-shoulder t-shirt = Flashdance.  'Nuff said.  At for $34.
Tuck your white button-up into your jeans + this for $30
Black or white t-shirt or tank + this for $9.80

If you wanna take this whole thing a step further, you can always buy more than accessories.  I've recently bought several neon t-shirts, and I'll share this little secret with you...they make you look tan even if you're pasty as a ghost.  I'm serious!  Neon.  Just do it.  Or not.  I get it if you wanna abstain from this spring essential.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deal of the Day

Julianne is pictured here with one of her favorite accessories, an awesome floral bag she picked up at Anthropologie.  The deal of the day today is a bag you could carry to get a similar look--pair it with your basics like Julianne has here.  It's marked down at Target to $6.99, has great pockets for your cellphone and lipstick and seems nice and sturdy.  It comes in the color below and in a very cool denim-y blue.  It would also be a great beach bag!  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jessica Harp video for FREE!

Y'all know I love me some free stuff--well, here ya go!  The video of the week on iTunes is the Jessica Harp video "Boy Like Me" that I worked on back in January.  Well, you can have it for free and watch it all day long if you want.  Go to iTunes and get it!  (Or you can just watch it below really tiny and grainy, but whatever.  I'm not the boss of you.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #3: Boyfriend Jeans

Katie Holmes started all the craze about a year ago, when she dared to walk out of the house wearing what looked like my dad's jeans he wears to work...and the man works outside.  Like, blue collar, people.  And he's not a small man.  Anyway, you don't have to look like you're wearing Randy Bowen's jeans.  They're "boyfriend" jeans, not "dad" jeans.  There's a difference.   The key points:  1. cuff 'em at the bottom, 2. a slightly beat-up wash, 3. a little loose-ish (i.e not as fitted as your Citizens or Paige jeans) in the thigh.

Here are some good ones for cheap and I daresay you could just go to the Goodwill and find some quite easily.

501 Boyfriend cut on for $78

BDG on for $68

On for $49.50

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #4: Plaid Shirt

The last time I was n NYC, I was with my friend Annie, and at one point, I thought she might have to have an intervention.  She actually said to me, "I think you have a problem with plaid."  I think she's right--I kinda love it.  I always gravitate toward it, and I've always been like that.  This season however, my obsession really works because Spring Essential #4 is the plaid shirt.  You can get in any shape--whatever works for you.  I would roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt and leave it open over a tank top.  Take a more blousey top and put it with a pair of white jeans.  If you're not into white, wear a more beat-up, relaxed style, cuffed at the bottom with some cute brown sandals or flats.  

I found all the plaid shirts you could ever want below on 

Classic red and black.  Love.  $27.80.

I love this one dressed up for a night out with funky jewelry, skinny jeans and platforms.  $19.80!

Lots of girls shy away from this shape because they say "it makes me look pregnant."  Well, a lot of times, especially if you are curvier, where that band hits can highlight the smallest part of your waist.  Try it on for $19.80.

$27.80 and such great colors

This one is only $24.80, and I highly suggest with white.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #5: Summer Scarf

Jessica Alba with her adorable child in an awesome yellow version

You may have already gotten into this trend as it's been around a little while now, but I still love it so much.  Especially when it's a touch brisk outside and you just need that little extra to warm ya up.   (I'll also take a tall latte, please.)   The key is that you gotta pick one in a lightweight fabric.  Like, if I see you sporting your wool one, I'm chopping you in the neck.  The scarf really only works for me when it's brisk too.  It kinda wears me out when it's dead middle of July and I can see the sweat beads on a girl's upper lip, but she's still got her scarf wrapped around her neck like she's getting paid.  Please don't do that.  Here are some examples to do NOW while you actually need it:

Great scarf and rockin' bangs at for $28.00

Sooo pretty with ankle jeans, flats, gold hoops and a white v-neck...

A green alternative...plant-dyed!!  On for $12

Now, here's the how-to for those of you who aren't familiar.  You can wrap it like you would your winter scarf, or just leave it hanging there open like Keith Richards would do.  It's up to you.  Buy one that's bright and colorful and wear it with solid tops or stripes.  Easy peezy.