Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #7: Awesome Sandals!

I know that's a pretty non-descript title, but I didn't really know how else to phrase it.  Here's the bottom line:  You need to buy yourself some nice sandals.  You cannot buy them at Target.  You cannot buy them at Payless.  I'm sorry ladies; you might have to save up for this one.  Here's the goal--spend some money on a pair that's not gonna rub the heck out of your foot, that will go with just about everything (including spring essentials #8 & 9), and you will definitely get your money's worth.  Last year I spent $100 on a pair of Sam Edelman silver gladiator sandals, and I literally wore them about every other day.  Don't scrimp!  Here are some of my favorites:  

Anybody can do this, people.  It's a flip-flop that wraps around.  
Gabriella Rocha at Zappo's for $75.00

Sam Edelman at on sale for $69.99

Grey? Love.  Fringe? Love.  Dolce Vita at for $92.00

Here are some brands to look for--Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, and Corso Como, to name a few.  They're gonna be right in that sweet spot between $50-$125.  If you only buy one pair this season, make it a metallic pair or a nude/brownish color pair.  Then you could literally wear them with everything. And for the love of Pete, save the $6.50 Old Navy flip-flops for the beach.  (But seriously, you should buy some for the beach, cuz you don't want your nice ones gettin' all roughed up.)  


Anonymous said...

this is good timing b/c i just got an awesome pair of stuart weitzman sandals- $300 on sale for $50. what??? yep.

liner said...

such good advice, amber.

liner said...

as a follow up to my first comment, I bought a pair of your recommended Sam Edelman's, and it was a fantastic purchase. So fantastic that today my boss, who never comments on my clothes, said "Nice sandals."