Monday, March 30, 2009

Deal of the Day

Remember when I talked about fringe?  You're probably like, "Umm, which time, Amber?  Because it's apparent that you flippin' love fringe."  Right.  So, the time I talked about fringe in association with a purse...and how you needed one.  Well, this guy is on mega-sale and might be the cutest little clutch I've ever seen. Get your hands on one at for $29.95.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ALS featured on I Heart Heels

I had such a great conversation yesterday with Julie Wax, creator of the blog "I Heart Heels." We had so much fun chatting about fashion. Of course, there's not much I'd rather talk about than clothes...well, and science, but that doesn't really pertain to styling Julianne Hough, now does it? Interested in knowing how I was compared to Britney Spears? Then check out the article and add this blog to your reading list--it's fun!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ACM Final Four Commercial

Here is a video of behind the scenes action from the commercial I did a few weeks ago with Julianne and all these girls; it will air during the Sweet Sixteen this weekend.  I just styled Julianne for it, but it was fun to get to hang out with everyone who worked with all the other girls.  

Spring Essentials Countdown #6: Fringe Purse

Let's just get this out there--a fringe purse is not what you would call "essential", not like, say, food and shelter.  It's more of a "want" than a "need."  If you're a girl though, and I think 99% of you reading this are, then you're more than likely gonna buy a new purse or handbag in the next few months.  I'm just tossing it out there, how 'bout some fringe?

 Chocolatey, fringy goodness at Kohl's on sale for $33.00

Long, luscious black fringe at AMI Clubwear for $38

Yummy, buttery suede hobo bag at Urban Outfitters for $78

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just in Case You Weren't Aware...

Our favorite fierce Project Runway competitor is collaborating with Payless on a shoe line to be released in the fall.  New York Mag says Christian Siriano knocked off Rodarte's Fall '08 collection.  Really though, who shopping at Payless even knows who Rodarte is?  Or that Rodarte dressed Reese Witherspoon for the Oscars?  Some might also argue that those shopping at Payless are not gonna be into some of these spiky heels and dominatrixy chains. You make the call.  I'll once again throw out there that with this much of what promises to be blister-inducing pleather, they may be better to look at.  Or chop someone in the neck with. Spikes?   At Payless?  Hmm..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #7: Awesome Sandals!

I know that's a pretty non-descript title, but I didn't really know how else to phrase it.  Here's the bottom line:  You need to buy yourself some nice sandals.  You cannot buy them at Target.  You cannot buy them at Payless.  I'm sorry ladies; you might have to save up for this one.  Here's the goal--spend some money on a pair that's not gonna rub the heck out of your foot, that will go with just about everything (including spring essentials #8 & 9), and you will definitely get your money's worth.  Last year I spent $100 on a pair of Sam Edelman silver gladiator sandals, and I literally wore them about every other day.  Don't scrimp!  Here are some of my favorites:  

Anybody can do this, people.  It's a flip-flop that wraps around.  
Gabriella Rocha at Zappo's for $75.00

Sam Edelman at on sale for $69.99

Grey? Love.  Fringe? Love.  Dolce Vita at for $92.00

Here are some brands to look for--Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, and Corso Como, to name a few.  They're gonna be right in that sweet spot between $50-$125.  If you only buy one pair this season, make it a metallic pair or a nude/brownish color pair.  Then you could literally wear them with everything. And for the love of Pete, save the $6.50 Old Navy flip-flops for the beach.  (But seriously, you should buy some for the beach, cuz you don't want your nice ones gettin' all roughed up.)  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flaunt Closing

My friend Annie told me about another Nashville establishment biting the dust yesterday. Flaunt, the hip, plus-size boutique in Edgehill Village is going out of business.  70% off dresses, 60% off tops and non-denim bottoms, 50% off clearance, and 40% off denim!  Ends March 31!

Very Good News!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #8: Maxi Dress

For you gals who love dresses in the summer (and not shaving your legs), then the maxi dress is your new best friend.  I was confused for a long time about why people had to call it the "maxi" dress, it just sounds weird.  Why not just a long dress?  Anyway, they're usually made of awesome light-weight fabrics like linen or cotton gauze  and they're oh-so comfy.  Maybe you don't love your arms or just need more skin coverage?  A lightweight cardi for spring is perfectly acceptable.  Even a short-sleeved terry cloth hoodie would be cute and beachy.  Here are some bargains below:

This is more beautiful in person and if like me, you don't love this neckline, put a tank under it.  There's nothing wrong with Target for $22.99

Blue and beautiful at$44.50

Forever 21 had a lot of good ones. It was hard to narrow it down to this one for $22.80

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #9: Full, Colorful Skirt

One of the things I love about "Mad Men" are the costumes.  If you haven't watched the show, it's fantastic, and spot-on with the wardrobe.  Don Draper's wife always looks so feminine, and so do all the women, in their skirts that are nipped in at the waist, their red lipstick and gloves...  It makes them look womanly, and to me it harkens back to a day around my grandmother's time, where women never left the house without their hair done, took regular visits to the "beauty shop", and were always dressed to the nines, even if they were just going to the store.  Of course I love just running out the door in my pj pants, but I do get nostalgic thinking about my Nana and how we'll all probably never live in a day where we regularly wear skirts.  

In the summer, however, I love skirts and dresses for practical reasons because they are comfortable in the heat.  Skirts to me are a way to feel pretty and cute, and they're easy.  The "Mad Men" style that is a spring essential--a bit of a full A-line, and a higher waist--can be worn by women of every size.  Slimmer women become more curvy and curvier girls are able to hide a little bit under the A-line.  Here are my picks:  

In this color and grey for $39.99 and $29.99 respectively at Gap

This is a longer version, and a great color--look how simple, yet put together her outfit is!  At Victoria's Secret for $49.50

This isn't exactly a bargain at $118, but you get the point.  At Anthropologie.

The point here is a colorful skirt with a simple tank, t-shirt or short-sleeved button up, plus an adorable pair of sandals is easy, comfortable and something you can wear a lot of places.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Essentials Countdown #10--Trench or Trench Alternative

It's 74 degrees outside, the daffodils are blooming, and if you're like me, you're probably itching to get your spring and summer wardrobe out of the basement and bust out those flip-flops. In celebration of March and warmer weather and by request from my dear friend Cristie, here begins the countdown of Amber's Spring Essentials '09. In really no particular order and one at a time, here goes...

#10: Spring Trench Coat or Trench Coat Alternative--Not to sound too Tim Gunn here or to lean too much toward the "What Not To Wear" stylists, but they're really onto something with the trench. You could put a trench over a paper bag and look pulled together. Plus, it still gets chilly at night, and one of my big mantras is that when it's chilly out, you've gotta invest in outerwear because for the most part, that's what people will be seeing. If you don't love the idea of a trench, a trench alternative--a jacket in a classic shape will work. Here are a few really good trench picks.

Such a fantastic twist on the basic khaki trench for $67.20 at

I love the color of this one and Target is always good for a deal...$39.99

In "papaya juice" and taupe at$49.99

Classic black, perfectly nipped in at the waist at for $129.00

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boy Like Me

The video I worked on back in January for Jessica Harp was released yesterday. I'm so pumped! It's one of those that really gets the styling motor running because for so many shoots, that are fun for different reasons, I'm just trying to make people look cool. In this video, it was all about fitting with director Scott Speer's concept of a modern housewife against the backdrop of a retro world who is creating her own path to happiness. Hence, she's looking for a "Boy Like Me." Makeup was by Lorrie Turk, and Neil Robison did her hair. I think she looks fantastic, and it's SUCH a fun video and song. Here are some behind-the-scene shots and a link to the video.

This is my favorite shot by far. Maybe partly because the fantastic Christian Siriano loaned that dress to us! We modified it from this version seen in Ugly Betty.

Pic by Becky Fluke

Not only was the dress a loaner but so is that GORG ring.
It's by Jemma Wynne.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Deal of the Day

Today's deal of the day is brought to you by Belk. These Citizens of Humanity jeans in the perfect wash for spring, are marked down $185 to $45.98. Lots of other stuff on a bunch of racks around the store is on sale as well including a fair amount of Free People and BCBG.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Super Busy

So I've been very busy. It's nice in times like these to be wanted and to be doing something that you really love. I wasn't for a long time, and to actually be making a living at dressing people is more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Jesus.

Here are some of the projects from recently...I worked with Julianne on a promo for CBS which features her, Jessica Simpson, LeAnn Rhimes, and Kellie Pickler in a commercial promoting the telecast of the ACM Awards. It has a basketball theme because it will be running during the March Madness basketball tournament. Keep an eye out for it! Here's a snapshot of her in her outfit for the commercial. I can't show you any of the other stuff because I'll give away the punchline. More on that later...

The jumper in this shot is by one of my favorite young designers, Kate Linstrom. Her collection is called Objet Trouves and can be found at Posh in Nashville and on this website. She's fantastic. The shoes are Stuart Weitzman.

That same morning, all the girls involved in the other CBS festivities announced this years ACM nominees on The Early Show. We had a few dress options but decided we would go with young, pretty, and feminine. So we chose this strapless Shoshanna dress with again, Stuart Weitzman heels.

In February, I also worked with the fantastic Jeremy Cowart on a shoot for a band called The Clark Brothers. If any of you guys watched the show on FOX, "The Next Great American Band", well, they won. And for good reason. These boys are very talented. Definitely be on the look out for their album out in the next year. Here's a little behind the scenes shot from the studio.

In the last month, I've also worked with the band NewSong, with PureNRG, and with Mark Schultz. It's been a crazy first couple months of the year, but I couldn't be happier. Keep checking back. By request I've got "Amber's Spring Essentials '09" on the way as well as many more bargains and fun things I find while I'm out and about.