Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gray Day

I had lunch with my friend Ruthie today, and we discussed, in addition to many other important things like lip gloss, our love of all things gray. We talked about how we have to take off a few articles of gray clothing or accessories every time we walk out the door so as not to appear depressed or blah.

Well, in honor of Ruthie and in honor of loving gray, here's the perfect gray t-shirt. I love it also because, well, burnout is my second love after gray.

While I'm on the topic, you guys and gals all need to get yourself a pair of gray jeans if you don't have any. They're so great to mix it up when you're feeling like jeans but don't wanna wear the same old. Here are a couple pairs of great ones on sale:


Anonymous said...

I love this pair too.

In the world of Interior Design, gray is huge too (although for some reason we all spell it grey). Its really common to see it paired with yellow, but i have been loving it with bronzes and golds- sort of a play on mixed metals. Fun times with gray/grey!

liner said...

i have that perfect grey shirt!

Amber Lehman said...

oh ash, those are awesome!! yes, i like your idea of bronzes and golds--i also like yellow, but try grey with that fluorescent 80s yellow! that's a party!