Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deal of the Day

75% off all men's and women's boots at Posh Shoes in Hillsboro Village--WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! There are two pairs of awesome Frye men's dress boots in brown for $69 and $74 each!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deal of the Day

This very cool Umbra side table or night it!! Marked down at Target from $79 to $59. Hollllla! There are a lot of other really cool Umbra items marked down as well from vases to photo trays. How much do I love Target? A lot.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Venus and Mars

I don't know how many of you know that Venus and Mars, one of Nashville's best vintage stores, reopened on Belmont a couple months ago. The previous owner, Amy Patterson, and Karen Elson, wife of Jack White, have re-opened the store together in an absolutely stunning space. I used a lot of things there for a video I did for Jessica Harp in January, and I had to keep making myself focus to stop wanting to buy things for myself.

This month through Valentine's Day, you can get 15% off your entire purchase. Talvin, the store manager, is precious and they will treat you right. It's across the street from the Curb Cafe at Belmont on the same side as Bongo Java.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Deal of the Day

These Sam Edelman boots are at Macy's and marked down from $198 to $57ish. They also have black, but these purple are awe-sum. The coolest girl wearing fringe I know is Valerie, who cuts my hair. However, here are some other gals that will do. Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's Transformation

I'm a little sad that Lipstick Jungle may be going off the air. Not for the compelling story lines though, because truly, I didn't care who Nico was dating and sorta thought that Brooke Shields' character was being ridiculous about her husband going on the road with Natasha Bedingfield. All that to say, I only watched the show to see what Lindsay Price's character, Victory Ford, was gonna show up wearing next. The costume designer of the show said that she loved putting those girls in accessories out the wazoo. If you watched LJ, you know that they were always wearing some sort of crazy cocktail ring or bordering-on-gaudy necklace. Check it out on this great website Left is one of my favorite uses of accessories on Victory. She's presumably wearing an orange belt, but then there's that huge brooch pinned on that just makes the outfit. The brooch is by Alexis Bittar, who makes beautiful costumey jewelry that's pretty pricey. So I got an idea on how to transform your little black dress that you wore to that office holiday party into a Valentine's outfit. Here are some ways to *not* buy a new dress, but make your little black dress new.

1. Brooches!! Buy yourself some shiny pink ribbon. Wrap it several times around yourself. Cut it. Pin it. On top of where you've pinned it, add a brooch or three like Victory Ford. We're going for a look that's similar to this, just with a brooch added. Not sure how to position the brooches? One huge one sorta on the side like Victory's. Or one big one and two smallish ones in a three-leaf clover pattern would be really cute. There are A LOT of brooches on sale at Macy's right now, p.s.

2. DIY belt! Check out this gal's blog on how to make your own rosette belt just like the one below. And speaking of rosettes, they're definitely everywhere. Like on Heidi Klum's dress from the Golden Globes. I pretty much like all things associated with Heidi, not limited to, but including: rosettes, Seal, Project Runway, and Tim Gunn.

3. J.Crew belt! Not that crafty, but have a few extra bucks (just not enough for a whole dress)? Then buy this belt from J.Crew and add it to your LBD. Call it a day. No need to stress about buying a glue gun.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gray Day

I had lunch with my friend Ruthie today, and we discussed, in addition to many other important things like lip gloss, our love of all things gray. We talked about how we have to take off a few articles of gray clothing or accessories every time we walk out the door so as not to appear depressed or blah.

Well, in honor of Ruthie and in honor of loving gray, here's the perfect gray t-shirt. I love it also because, well, burnout is my second love after gray.

While I'm on the topic, you guys and gals all need to get yourself a pair of gray jeans if you don't have any. They're so great to mix it up when you're feeling like jeans but don't wanna wear the same old. Here are a couple pairs of great ones on sale: