Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Cool Websites

While I was online doing research, i.e. shopping, for the video I did last week, I came across a couple cool websites I thought I would share. They could not be more opposite, but they're both FUN! The first is an awesome website for aprons--all kinds of aprons in about one million prints. Aprons are great gifts, and they just make you feel like a 50s housewife, except for the fact that you most likely don't feel bad for having a job and you do more than just cook for your husband and "keep house." Although, sometimes, those days don't sound too bad. Not gonna lie.

The second is devoted to nothing but cool head pieces. I managed to get one feather into the video, but unfortunately the darn thing was turned away from the camera, so it was all for naught. Anyway, cool!!

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