Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Alert Blog

Both $17.99: coat by Matty M and hoodie by Sanctuary

No time for funny anecdotes or quips here, just some plain old, good, get-your-butt to this sale advice...One of the best sales of my life was found at the Macy's in Green Hills today, and maybe at the Macy's in your hometown. There are about four racks marked $17.99 FULL TO THE BRIM with stuff that is ridiculously on sale. Here are some of the things I saw: cool Millard Fillmore leather coats marked from $382 to, yeah, you guessed it $17.99...other things: Sanctuary knee-length sweaters from $180, Sanctuary hoodies from $130, Free People sweaters from $150-ish. I'm telling you, if your lunch break allows, do not pass "go" or collect $200, don't play on Facebook your whole hour off, just go to Macy's. Enough said. Have a look at this post from a couple months back. That plaid coat. $17.99. I couldn't make this stuff up, people.

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