Sunday, January 25, 2009

Julianne, Capes, Hats, and Modern Vintage

The last job I did with Julianne was when she performed outdoors for the Peach Drop in Atlanta on New Year's. It was a challenge: how do we keep her looking cute, showing off her best assets, but also keep her warm? Well, here's what we did...

1. We went with a cape! While it's not exactly figure-friendly on top, it is very cute and trendy and not the usual peacoat or puffy coat on top. She wore a fitted turtleneck underneath and cute, fingerless gloves by Fluxus (also warm, but stylish.) When you do choose something this loose on top, you definitely wanna go fitted on bottom. So what we did was go with a really thick legging, which we then tucked into boots. So beneath the billowy cape, you could see her toned, tiny legs.
2. The hat is also made of wool, but not your normal toboggan--keeping the heat in, and the cuteness happening.
3. Just a comment on one of my favorite new shoe lines: Modern Vintage. They provided the boots for her to sing in, and there aren't any great pics. You can see the boots below, however. This is certainly a moderately priced shoe, but they're really well made in some classic, but a little-bit-funky shapes. The only place I know in town where you can get 'em is Belk, and I actually pulled the Evandra Mary Jane there for another artist last week for 60% off!

Modern Vintage Evanise Ankle Bootie

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liner said...

love those shoes. I keep coming back and looking at them.