Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sassy, Affordable Party Dresses for under $100-ish

My first holiday party is this weekend, and I'm already adding up the amount of money I may or may not spend on dresses, accessories, and shoes. I mean, how many times of the year does one get a chance to wear that many sequins? If you have a regular day job, that is.

So in honor of Moonlight and Mistletoe, which is kicking off my holiday circuit, here are some cute numbers that won't hurt the wallet. Heck, double up and wear it to that other party with all your parents' friends that you're obligated to attend and do what I do: divide the cost in half as if you were buying one half for the first part and the other half for the second. It's a down-right STEAL if you do that :-). By no means is this an exhaustive list; it's just to get you inspired! There are some REALLY CUTE under-$100-ish dresses on,, and always check those dept. store websites!

Maybe you're in the mood for a long dress? Max and Cleo for $62.99

Or super-short and 80's prom-like? Max and Cleo for $74.39.

Some hot one-shoulder action perhaps? Miss Me for $110.

A little hippie ethereal? Free People for $108.

Oh yeah! Sequins!! Old Navy for $49.50

Honorable mention:
  • London Times Bubble Dress ($90) at
  • Xhilaration Tiered Dress ($29.99) at
  • Adrainna Papell Cap Sleeve in black or cream ($67.19) at one would be a lovely choice for my mature readers ;-)
  • Walter Ruffle Dress ($112.49) on fun, I just couldn't resist!
  • Another short Max and Cleo Dress ($19.98) on, it takes a "certain body" to wear this dress. And that's a skinny one.


Anonymous said...

Gurrrl! I just bought that last Max and Cleo wine-purple colored dress from Belk! I feel so validated in my purchase now. Loved seeing you this morning...Eicher

Kayleigh said...

Beautiful selection of those dresses!! I'm just looking for a ruffle dress... Would like to pick this ruffle dress from Overstock...