Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Shopping Notes

"Holiday Soiree" wrapping paper from Whimsy Press

This week is the Holy Grail for us hard-core shoppers. Black Friday is looming large. I must admit I don't venture out too much on that day. Truth be told, I love sleep too much to get up that dang early. And if you're a smart shopper, there aren't any deals that day that you can't usually get at other times of the year if you're just savvy. More power to you if you're dragging out to Wal-Mart to buy a TV or something. Good luck! Maybe take a whistle or drop bread crumbs so you can be found amid the madness...Here are a few notes for this week on some fun shopping you can do before Thanksgiving or from home!!

Thanksgiving Sale at Two Elle! In addition to other marked-down items, there is a fabulous selection of $50 denim by Paper Denim & Cloth, Cimarron, and others as well as a couple bins of $20 tanks and tees. The bins are great for those cute Christmas presents for your sisters, wives, & Santa exchanges because everyone wears t-shirts!

There's a website that I just love called Whimsy Press. It sells awesome cards, wrapping paper and other whimsical paper items. The wrapping paper is really to die for. Every time I wrap a gift in paper from this site, I get tons of compliments, and I really feel that the gift receiver appreciates the care you put into thinking about the wrapping. Here's a bonus note about most gals I know (guy readers!)...even if we don't send too many cards and handwritten notes, we all aspire to and maybe this is just the motivation we need to do it. A big on-line SALE! November 28th is "Pink Friday" at Whimsy Press where you can get 30% off all Whimsy products by entering "PINK" as the coupon code. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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