Monday, November 3, 2008

Designers for Payless

I have been seeing a lot of ads for the designers who have recently joined forces with Payless to produce some much-cooler-than-the-norm Payless offerings. I don't know how many of you spent lots of time at Payless as a child. Well, I spent plenty. Pretty much all my shoes came from there.

In general now, I wouldn't go to the store because that synthetic leather will basically rub a hole in the side of your foot if you wear any of their shoes for more than five minutes. On top of that, they're usually just pretty shoddy...ahem, ugly.

I stopped in the Cool Springs Mall location last week while I was out working, and I actually found that the collaborations looked pretty good. They're all $38, which is much steeper than your average Payless shoe, but still look like they could be more expensive. Here are the three cute ones they had in stock (upper left: Abaete for Payless, the other two: Lela Rose for Payless.) Also in stores is the Alice + Olivia collection. Not bad, right? I love the little bows on the two on the right. So much so, that here's a close-up. I will not, however, be held responsible if you buy these, and it looks like your foot got caught in a bear trap after you wear them. I only vouch for cuteness.

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