Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cute Stuff at Macy's

There are a couple lines out there in your dept. stores and even in some boutiques that I've found to be pretty well-made (i.e. better than Forever 21 quality), age-appropriate and also fairly affordable. One of them is MM Couture and the other is Matty M. When I'm doing a photoshoot, and I'm on a tight budget, these are a couple of the brands that I always go for because they have interesting details that photograph well, and again, the affordability. Here are a couple pieces I saw yesterday at Macy's in Green Hills that I loved, and I also found them on-line.

I love this coat! It is the best grandma-plaid but with that awesome ruffle collar that makes it young. It's perfect for when it's super-chilly out, but not time to break out the full-length North Face puffer coat. It's $149 by Matty M and comes in several different patterns. If you're going to work, and you're like me in the winter, somehow always ending up in about four shades of black and grey, coats with a pop of color like this one are great to spiff up your palette.
Here's another piece of outerwear that I'm a little obsessed with. I kind of have a problem buying lots of slouchy things; I just love being comfortable. This sweater is perfect for that. Throw it on over just about anything and some tights or fitted jeans and you're in a warm cocoon of fashion. (Little cheesy? I think not.) Just don't go slouchy all over or we're heading into "we need an intervention, are you okay?" territory. This guy is $97 and is by MM Couture.

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