Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amber Goes Shopping on Bluefly

A couple things have disappointed me about this season of Project Runway, one being the talent of the designers. Not so fierce. (Where's this season's Christian? Santino?) Second is the nauseating number of times the " accessory wall" is mentioned per episode. We got it. Bluefly. Check. I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of Bluefly. As you probably know, it's sorta like an on-line outpost of Saks Off-5th or TJ Maxx--stuff that's out of season and was overproduced by the designer in most cases. You can usually find a better deal by going on Ebay, or, if you live in Nashville by stopping by UAL.

At any rate, I gave myself a personal challenge today to find things I'd actually purchase on and share with y'all. I guess in this respect, I'm playing right into the hands of the product placement people on PR5, but whatever. I'm bored.

This sweater is a good deal. It's a silk/cashmere blend, which means it'll be thin--good for
layering, but still semi-warm (cashmere) in the late fall. Put it over black tights or skinny jeans with brown/black/gray boots under a little cropped denim jacket with a brightly-colored scarf. Done.

They have house stuff. Of course, wading through the Hermes beach towels (for $410!!!!) I almost had a coronary. Who pays that much for an ugly beach towel? But, these Dwell placements are swell. I might just buy 'em actually.
This handbag is gorgeous. If you're gonna break the bank, it should be on something you wag around as much as a purse. This one is truthfully a little more than I'd wanna spend on my around one-a-year-nice-bag splurge, but it's so pretty. I happen to love Goldenbleu. Although it isn't a terribly well-known bag name, they make beautiful things, including shoes. Bluefly's right when they say this guy would retail for around $700 or so. I think it's a really good amount of rocking too. Not too blingy. Just enough to show that you have a little 'tude.

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Anonymous said...

as an interior designer, i say go for the placemats!