Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cute Stuff at Macy's

There are a couple lines out there in your dept. stores and even in some boutiques that I've found to be pretty well-made (i.e. better than Forever 21 quality), age-appropriate and also fairly affordable. One of them is MM Couture and the other is Matty M. When I'm doing a photoshoot, and I'm on a tight budget, these are a couple of the brands that I always go for because they have interesting details that photograph well, and again, the affordability. Here are a couple pieces I saw yesterday at Macy's in Green Hills that I loved, and I also found them on-line.

I love this coat! It is the best grandma-plaid but with that awesome ruffle collar that makes it young. It's perfect for when it's super-chilly out, but not time to break out the full-length North Face puffer coat. It's $149 by Matty M and comes in several different patterns. If you're going to work, and you're like me in the winter, somehow always ending up in about four shades of black and grey, coats with a pop of color like this one are great to spiff up your palette.
Here's another piece of outerwear that I'm a little obsessed with. I kind of have a problem buying lots of slouchy things; I just love being comfortable. This sweater is perfect for that. Throw it on over just about anything and some tights or fitted jeans and you're in a warm cocoon of fashion. (Little cheesy? I think not.) Just don't go slouchy all over or we're heading into "we need an intervention, are you okay?" territory. This guy is $97 and is by MM Couture.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Hallelujah Song--Video Debut!

Here's the new video for My Hallelujah Song that we did out in L.A. last month. From this video, I was completely obsessed with the dress she is wearing in the performance shot. It's by Loeffler Randall, who also make beautiful shoes...that I'll probably never own unless my parents finally win the lottery after faithfully buying Powerball tickets for the last 15 years. My mom says she'll "give me 10 million of it." I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trader Joe's Progress

Obviously not Annie Leibowitz-level photography here, but I took this pic from my car the other day of Trader Joe's! They have the sign up! I thought all you guys would wanna know in case you haven't made it down to south Green Hills lately. This article from April of this year, says it will open by Thanksgiving; I don't know the validity of that statement as of today, but, here's hoping! We can look forward to shopping for some of our organics and specialty foods at a much more reasonable price. Just in time for the holidays!

Friday, October 24, 2008 is LIVE!

I finally got my website up! You can find it at My portfolio is in downloadable pdf format along with an "about" section and a "friends and associates" section. It's mostly for professional use to direct potential clients to, but it's also fun to have. Take a look at your leisure :-).

You'll find images like this one of Katrina Elam there. This is one of my all-time favorite Jeremy Cowart shots. And, of course, she's beautiful, so an easy subject.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

$15 Website!

Kenneth Cole wallet...for $15

Much like going to a garage sale, I'm not saying that I would buy and/or wear everything on this website, but there are definitely some good bargains.  EVERYTHING is $15!  Free shipping on orders over $100!  You'll recognize names like Chinese Laundry and Rampage. Beware of the bad prints!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Heart 2L

Dino trouser for men

Bardot dress (LOVE this one!)

A lot of you guys know that I really love Two Elle in 12South.  And for some reason, lots of people still don't know about this place.  It's a hip, fun little joint with all kinds of lines from Cheap Monday to Orla Kiely, C & C California, and Cynthia Rowley handbags and fun jewelry. Rachel, the owner, just received a huge fall shipment from Modern Amusement for GUYS AND GIRLS that really looks awesome.  I am LOVING all the pieces, which managed to mix in a sort of preppy twist to even a party dress.  This Thursday from 6-9, there's a party down at the house beside Trim with a signature cocktail, games, yummy treats, AND a free gift with all  Modern Amusement purchases.  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nashville Vintage

For the Nashvillian blog-readers, this is extended to all of you...the lady selling a lot of this vintage stuff has QUITE a collection of all kinds of beautiful things, including some pretty incredible jewelry.  And the gal selling the stationery and art is one of my best friends, and she's super-talented.  If you're in the neighborhood, you should really stop by.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Julianne is a Peach, Part II

The outfit they didn't pick: Betsey Johnson dress, Erickson Beamon jewelry, and oh-my-Lord Valentino heels.

Thought if you guys had some extra time to kill, you might wanna see the whole Atlanta Peach spread on Julianne. It was so fun to play with all those nice clothes :-)

Amber Goes Shopping on Bluefly

A couple things have disappointed me about this season of Project Runway, one being the talent of the designers. Not so fierce. (Where's this season's Christian? Santino?) Second is the nauseating number of times the " accessory wall" is mentioned per episode. We got it. Bluefly. Check. I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of Bluefly. As you probably know, it's sorta like an on-line outpost of Saks Off-5th or TJ Maxx--stuff that's out of season and was overproduced by the designer in most cases. You can usually find a better deal by going on Ebay, or, if you live in Nashville by stopping by UAL.

At any rate, I gave myself a personal challenge today to find things I'd actually purchase on and share with y'all. I guess in this respect, I'm playing right into the hands of the product placement people on PR5, but whatever. I'm bored.

This sweater is a good deal. It's a silk/cashmere blend, which means it'll be thin--good for
layering, but still semi-warm (cashmere) in the late fall. Put it over black tights or skinny jeans with brown/black/gray boots under a little cropped denim jacket with a brightly-colored scarf. Done.

They have house stuff. Of course, wading through the Hermes beach towels (for $410!!!!) I almost had a coronary. Who pays that much for an ugly beach towel? But, these Dwell placements are swell. I might just buy 'em actually.
This handbag is gorgeous. If you're gonna break the bank, it should be on something you wag around as much as a purse. This one is truthfully a little more than I'd wanna spend on my around one-a-year-nice-bag splurge, but it's so pretty. I happen to love Goldenbleu. Although it isn't a terribly well-known bag name, they make beautiful things, including shoes. Bluefly's right when they say this guy would retail for around $700 or so. I think it's a really good amount of rocking too. Not too blingy. Just enough to show that you have a little 'tude.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cute Stuff at Target

I am equally as obsessed with decorating my house as I am with accessorizing myself. I spend plenty of time combing the pages of Domino and design blogs on-line. Well, they sort of go hand-in-hand, clothing and decorating. And of course, I am still a bargain shopper when it comes to home decor also. Except for the occasional splurge, everything in our house pretty much came from a garage sale, flea market, Target, IKEA, or Pier 1. I mean, I wish I could spend more money on home accessories, but what are ya gonna do?

For this reason, I have been so looking forward to a new collection of homegoods by John Derian at Target that I saw a couple months back in InStyle magazine. For some reason, I am always drawn to bird pictures and botanical-inspired items. Not sure why. If you're the same, then you'll LOVE this new stuff now in stores and on-line. A couple of my faves are the alphabet tray and the bird wall art.

And here's a little more about John Derian for your edification. Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Exposition on Lucky Mag

I remember one time when I was in the throes of grad. school Matt asked me, "Okay. Let's get serious. If you could do anything, let's dream big here, what would you do?" I said, "Be an editor at Lucky Magazine." Of course I was in grad. school doing Microbiology. There's not much further from fashion editor, besides maybe horticulturist or nun.

I've always loved Lucky--I'm a charter subscriber. But one of the things I love about it is also one of the things that trips them up. They have great ideas for just sort of haphazardly throwing on some things in the closet and making them look cool. This is really not for everyone, and sometimes is a little TOO haphazard. My attorney friend (whadup, Libs!) who works downtown would get thrown out of the office if she tried some of their ideas. While Lucky's done a better job of late in showing a more conservative side, they laid a major egg with this one. I don't even know where to begin on Melissa Osborne, actress...Read and learn.

  1. The pants are cute, but when you've got this much pleat doing on, I feel that you need to keep it a little slicker on top and bottom. a) The slouch boots don't work with the pleated pants. That's slouchy on top of slouchy. Not enough balance. Do a boot like this with a skinny jean or at the very least, non-pleated, straight leg pants. Although they seem a little casual for pants to me. b) There is too much material on top. With pants like this, do a more fitted, simpler top. It really is the boots that kill me though. With a simple heel, this whole thing would be a lot better.
  2. Does she look like she closed her eyes at a thrift store and played "Dizzy Bat" and then picked some stuff? This outfit is such a hodge-podge! Add a venti Starbucks drink and a 70s headband and she's Mary-Kate. a) The kinda nice shirt with the long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. If you do that, wear jeans. b) The green bag just brings in another color to an already cluttered outfit. c) The scarf is fine and would be fine with this get-up if it weren't so close in color to the undershirt. If the undershirt were cream, for instance, this scarf works so much better.
  3. It's NOT flattering! If you're gonna look like you raided a vintage store, at least make sure the proportions are right. Where's her body in there? She says in the article, "They (the pants) really make me look a lot slimmer." Hmmmm, not so sure, sister.