Tuesday, September 16, 2008

L.A. Update

Where I did all my people watching

The type of outfit you'd see in LA with brown, flat boots.

I was in L.A. over the weekend for a video for Julianne's next single. While I was there, I had to do a little shopping to finish up some of the outfits. Instead of walking down Melrose from boutique to boutique, I hit probably the best outdoor mall there is The Grove, among a couple other places. It's all consumer-y, I know, but if you're gonna be a consumer, you may as well be able to relax and enjoy yourself. What's better than a fountain synchronized to Bing Crosby, for crying out loud?

What else is great is that you can hit the Nordstrom and the Barney's Co-op right there in one location and there are a couple cool little eating joints where you can sit outside and enjoy the constant, sickeningly good weather over Penne alla Vodka. AND it's right beside the best Farmer's Market!

I took some notes on some L.A. styles while I was there...thinking I may as well since I was alone. Don't think there weren't some HORRENDOUSLY bad things, but I think mostly those people were Midwesterners in town for the Ohio State/USC game. Poor Ohioans in more ways than one. Not only are you wearing jean shorts (jorts), but you got utterly cremated in the game. Yikes.

Here were some fashion observations:
  • crapload of scarves. scarves everywhere. no need for a scarf. it's 75. but wearing it anyway.
  • black skinny jeans. skin tight. almost like tights. but denim.
  • all black get-ups with brown boots.
  • flat boots. in every color. short ankle boots. riding boots.
  • long cardigans. mostly worn over slouchy big t-shirts.
  • most of the aformentioned long cardigans were striped.
That's all for now. Not that L.A. residents are the epitomy of style. I'm just saying, this is what I saw.

Cardigan on topshop.com

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Kristi said...

I was in LA over the weekend too! There was the oddest mix of slouchy trashiness and over the top fancy. The Hollywood area reminded me of Music City tourism, except with movie stuff instead of music. It felt oddly like home.