Monday, September 1, 2008

Julianne is a Peach

It's my first ever magazine cover!! It's not Elle, but for now, Atlanta Peach will do. Peach is a high-end lifestyle magazine in Atlanta--their parent company does other such publications in Miami and Las Vegas. We had a great time at the shoot at Mark DeLong's studio at the beginning of August, and we got to play with some really pretty clothes. This is a rare occasion for me, so I took plenty of pictures for posterity. How often does one get to mess around with the likes of Versace, Gucci, and Chanel, unless you're Charlize Theron.

Julianne is wearing Betsey Johson and I'm so mad they didn't photoshop out those frickin' belt loops. Betsey didn't send a belt, dang-it! The issue hits newstands this Atlanta.

Versace dress, Prada shoes

Those shoes are "priced upon request" from Versace. Yowza.

Gucci dress, Gucci boots (that are in every magazine right now)


Anonymous said...

i'm so proud of you!!! did you forget to say that you snatched that shirt for me??? i want it so bad b/c i would be the hottest girl in tiger stadium with that! i LOVVVE it.

Amber Lehman said...

I kinda did get a little Sandy Bertman feel from the pattern. You would have to wear it with a purple hat with feathers and big LSU earrings for it to really work in that atmosphere though. Just my professional opinion :-) So I guess FEMA came and cut you out of your house, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

its awful! we are scheduled to have power on september 24! louisiana is a freaking sauna. we're okay though. you still cant drive down many of the streets in our neighborhood.

about the shirt... its just a WAY better version of anything tiger-ish you can find!

julianne has the best body i have ever seen, by the way.