Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 Things

Two 'fer Tuesday:
  1. Rumours on 12th and Rumours East are now offering Two for Tuesdays! Get 2 for 1 on all wine from 5-9 every Tuesday. This is such a great deal and the weather is perfect to sit out on the patio!
  2. Don't forget that today is the last day of the Hud-Luxe store closing extravaganza. Everything is 90% off!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jackets I Love For Under $150!

It's getting to be that perfect time of year in Nashville where it's a little chilly at night and perfect for throwing on a lightweight jacket. I'm always a big fan of having great jackets/coats because you gotta wear 'em and you want it to be one that really elevates your look. I'm reminded of a 30Rock episode where Liz Lemon (Tina Fey's character) goes to a black-tie event with Alec Baldwin's character. She's wearing this beautiful floor-length, burgundy strapless dress and walks into a gorgeous ballroom with a North Face fleece jacket on top of it. Inappropriate! But it's one of the reasons that the writing on that show is so brilliant. Liz Lemon would never think to have cute, appropriate outerwear. There's a time and a place for the North Face fleece.

Perfect cropped military for $88 on urbanoutfitters.com

Really perfect with a t-shirt and jeans. And easy. On thedenimshop.com for $73

Wear this wool cape by MM Couture on missme.com with black skinnies $143

Very classy and a hint of edginess with the side-buttons
by Steve Madden on
Zappos.com $149.50

Honorable mention:

Cosmetic Market's Bday

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hud-Luxe Closing

I'm sad to say, but unfortunately Hud-Luxe, formerly Bamboo, located on Bandywood didn't make it. His last day is September 30th, and everything has gotta go. Stop by and find a deal! If you've never been there, you can expect to find brands like 1921 Jeans, Chip and Pepper, Citizens, Language, L.A.M.B., Nice Collective, and lots more. It's always a bummer when a store goes out of business, but look at it this way, less work for him if you just go in and take the stuff off his hands.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Hallelujah Song

I styled Julianne in her new video for her next single "My Hallelujah Song" last weekend in L.A. Here's some behind the scenes footage on CMT Insider.

Tour of the South--Stop 2, Charleston, SC

Brynn and Lance Leroux, Lelia, Brynn/Lance's roommate Liz, and me at Raval

Okee-dokie. Stop 2 on my summer of touring the South--hot, humid, and beautiful Charleston! So, it was Lelia's bday, and we decided to jump in Lelia's car and drive to Charleston to visit our best college friends Lance, gym owner, and Brynn, orthodontics resident. We got stuck in some sort of time vortex though, thinking we'd make it to Charleston in 8 hrs., and actually arriving in 10-14. I'm not sure how long it actually was, but it was not a short drive. I've been to Charleston now two times, and here's where ya need to go to shop, eat and be merry.

Basically, King St. is the place to be. It's a varitable smorgasbord of antique shops and great places to hang out. So here's the breakdown of King and the general vicinity:

  • Urban Outfitters--no explanation required
  • Hampden Clothing--my favorite...she carries beautiful lines like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Mint by Jodi Arnold, Harkham and more. And girlfriend knows how to put some stuff on sale. That back room is full of stuff up to 75% off.
  • Steve Madden, J.Crew, Gap, Banana Republic...you get it.
  • B'zar--I know this is a bold statement. But this store is my favorite in Charleston, and one of my favorites in the U.S. The nicest owners too! And cool ghetto-fabulous jewelry!
  • Dwelling--really cool, modern home store.
  • Lesesne--I love cool paper products, and this place has 'em along with some selected home decor.
  • Nancy Koltes--a girly-girl's dream...bath products, candles, sheets. Send the husband down the street for a beer for this one.

  • Kudu Coffee House--great coffee, reminded me of Africa with all its cool decor and has a great outdoor seating area
  • Cupcake--who doesn't like cupcakes?
  • The Trusted Palate--Cool decor/cool wine bar/GREAT app. plate
  • Raval--also one of my favorites...Spanish tapas/wines/little dance party in the back. Hey---ooooooooooooo!
  • Basil--awesome Thai food, fun atmosphere, and they sell one of my favorite wines, Conundrum, at a very reasonable price.
  • Monza--sister of Raval. Really cool pizza place with some cutting edge variations on your typical pie. And the BEST crust!
  • FIG--yummy, seasonally inspired menu.
  • Tsunami--good sushi. Try the triple-tuna roll!
  • Magnolia's--go here for lunch and save some money, but you MUST get the fried chicken!
These were just some of my favorites. Go find your own! Charleston's a great place for a weekend getaway. Not SO much to do that you're overwhelmed, but just enough to keep you occupied. You gotta take a carriage ride, the ghost tour is very fun and before you go read this article on CNN.com, where one lady was quoted calling King St. the "SoHo of the South." Hmmm...There's not enough riff-raff and way too many girls wearing sweaters tied at the neck to be SoHo, but it is indeed pretty awesome.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Marti and Liz

How is this the first time I've written about Marti and Liz? Maybe 'cuz I've never been quite as excited as I am today about M & L. I've been on the look-out for a black leather purse with non-obnoxious gold hardware. This little lady to your left was my purchase of the month, no doubt. It came from Marti and Liz, is made by Via Spiga, has a tag for $260, and at some point at Macy's (also on the tag) it was marked down to $182...drumroll, please...I scored it for $39.99!!! This is why I don't pay full price for things, people. Why should I ever?!

In the past, I've bought Frye boots at Marti and Liz, and they have tons of other brands like 9 West, Jessica Simpson, Enzo...today there was a ton of Coach. You just have to stop in when you're in the area and check it out. Some days are awesome, and some not so much. In the handbag realm, today I saw an awesome Stuart Weizmann, a Charles David, and a few Lucky bags that were a great deal. WAY cheaper, even, than TJ Maxx.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

L.A. Update

Where I did all my people watching

The type of outfit you'd see in LA with brown, flat boots.

I was in L.A. over the weekend for a video for Julianne's next single. While I was there, I had to do a little shopping to finish up some of the outfits. Instead of walking down Melrose from boutique to boutique, I hit probably the best outdoor mall there is The Grove, among a couple other places. It's all consumer-y, I know, but if you're gonna be a consumer, you may as well be able to relax and enjoy yourself. What's better than a fountain synchronized to Bing Crosby, for crying out loud?

What else is great is that you can hit the Nordstrom and the Barney's Co-op right there in one location and there are a couple cool little eating joints where you can sit outside and enjoy the constant, sickeningly good weather over Penne alla Vodka. AND it's right beside the best Farmer's Market!

I took some notes on some L.A. styles while I was there...thinking I may as well since I was alone. Don't think there weren't some HORRENDOUSLY bad things, but I think mostly those people were Midwesterners in town for the Ohio State/USC game. Poor Ohioans in more ways than one. Not only are you wearing jean shorts (jorts), but you got utterly cremated in the game. Yikes.

Here were some fashion observations:
  • crapload of scarves. scarves everywhere. no need for a scarf. it's 75. but wearing it anyway.
  • black skinny jeans. skin tight. almost like tights. but denim.
  • all black get-ups with brown boots.
  • flat boots. in every color. short ankle boots. riding boots.
  • long cardigans. mostly worn over slouchy big t-shirts.
  • most of the aformentioned long cardigans were striped.
That's all for now. Not that L.A. residents are the epitomy of style. I'm just saying, this is what I saw.

Cardigan on topshop.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hillsboro Village

This Saturday in Hillsboro Village is their annual "block party", if you will. All the boutiques have lots of sidewalk sales and there are plenty of fun times to be had. September 13th from 11-5!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Week's People

Teeny cover shot

While you are checking out voyeuristic pictures of celebrity babies and "reading" some semi-legit news in the current People, look at my girl Julianne! I styled her for this feature on the Hot Girls of Country with Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler. It was a fun shoot out on Old Hickory Lake north of Nashville a couple weeks ago. If you don't wanna buy the magazine, here are the pics lifted right off the page for ya. And a cute video to boot!

The look was all-white with tough boots if you can't tell

JH's cute dress is from Moda on 12th

How awesome is that boat?! And Taylor really drove it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boots I Love for Under $100!

They sure do make these look cute on-line...
$34.99 on target.com

I'm obsessed with how vintage this color is...
$78 on urbanoutfitters.com

The fringe is still rockin' after like 3 years...
$90.00 on piperlime.com

Wear with a dress...check...wear with jeans...check...
$83.00 on zappos.com

Honorable mention:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Julianne is a Peach

It's my first ever magazine cover!! It's not Elle, but for now, Atlanta Peach will do. Peach is a high-end lifestyle magazine in Atlanta--their parent company does other such publications in Miami and Las Vegas. We had a great time at the shoot at Mark DeLong's studio at the beginning of August, and we got to play with some really pretty clothes. This is a rare occasion for me, so I took plenty of pictures for posterity. How often does one get to mess around with the likes of Versace, Gucci, and Chanel, unless you're Charlize Theron.

Julianne is wearing Betsey Johson and I'm so mad they didn't photoshop out those frickin' belt loops. Betsey didn't send a belt, dang-it! The issue hits newstands this week...in Atlanta.

Versace dress, Prada shoes

Those shoes are "priced upon request" from Versace. Yowza.

Gucci dress, Gucci boots (that are in every magazine right now)