Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twelve by Twelve

All of my thrifty, fashionable friends love Forever 21. And I'm right there on the train with 'em. However, as I'm going to be 31 this week, there are things I look for in a garment that I may not have when I was in my 20s--one being a little more quality, and two being a little less hoochy-mama. I'm not saying that Forever 21 has nothing but clothes that are shabby and sluttacious, but that you have to be a little more selective than maybe when you were 25.

If you haven't heard, last year F21 launched a line called Twelve by Twelve, which targets a "more sophisticated" audience. “Forever 21 is fast fashion; it’s quick-turn, young and fun,” said Betsy Zanjani, vice president of merchandising for the project, “whereas Twelve by Twelve is a grouping of items designed to go together, to be worn together. It will be a little bit more sophisticated, much more luxury.” Twelve by Twelve's flagship stand-alone store is in L.A. with many more in-store boutiques around the country. And they have a GREAT website! Here are a couple of my favorite pieces: a shiny clutch to snazz up a black dress, love a long cardigan, and an easy, beautiful top.

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