Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lash Blast Off

I'm a big believer in mascara. If anyone ever asked me which makeup product is an absolute necessity, I'd say first mascara followed closely by concealer and lip gloss. With those three things you can at least manage to look awake and 50% less scary than without any makeup at all. So if mascara is at the top of the list, you better have a good product. I was a big believer for YEARS in Loreal LashOut, just recently had switched to Maybelline Full-n-Soft, all the while hearing the little devil on my shoulder telling me I should just go ahead and pay $25 for Dior Diorshow. Get thee behind me Satan, I've found the best mascara for just $7.99...Cover Girl Lash Blast!!

I felt pretty confident recommending it until last Wednesday, at which point, I was completely sold and am just gonna start wearing a Lash Blast sandwich board. I worked on a cover shoot for Atlanta Peach magazine with Julianne Hough (more on that later) and was partnered with very well-known Nashville hair and makeup artist Brady Wardlaw--he's worked with everyone in Nashville at this point. When he pulled that fatty orange tube out of his kit, I gleefully said, "Ohmigosh! I totally use that mascara! Isn't it the best?!" While he wasn't quite as excited as I, he did say it's the best he's used in a while. When a guy like this who gets makeup thrown at him left and right and has the budget to use whatever-the-heck brand he wants, says he uses Cover Girl, sure makes a budget-conscious girl like myself proud.

I've never actually ordered anything from, but CGLB is pretty cheap on there right now, AND they have everyday free shipping. Just another reason we don't actually have to spend money on gas to go to Rite-Aid to buy it.


Anonymous said...

i get a dior show every year for christmas :) thats what big sisters do i guess! it really is amazing but i have to supplement drugstore kinds between christmas each year.

litl'amy said...

Okay So Chip Hall saw your advertisement for lash bash and for part of my anniversary gift he bought some and said...Amber said its the best!! Thanks for your help with gift ideas:)

Amber Lehman said...

He totally called me because he was so confused about what color to get. He said "There's all these numbers and waterproof...I don't know what to do!"