Thursday, August 28, 2008

InStyle Got It Right

I picked up the most recent edition of InStyle at Kroger today, having recently discontinued my multi-year subscription. I had been feeling that the magazine was a little unapproachable for me, and two, I saw an article about which bottled water celebrities were drinking...and well, that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Who frickin' cares?!

In my six month or so hiatus, they have a bit of a new look with articles like "Hey, here's how to wear this jacket three ways." The sheer volume of pages devoted to ads is still obnoxious, but all-in-all, I enjoyed my purchase. I'm still mad about the water thing though, so I'm not renewing just yet.

However, in the Uma Thurman fall fashion edition, I particularly enjoyed the section on "Deals and Steals" that featured this shoe from Aldo. It looks so designerey and for $100, no less. That's still not cheap, but the heel looks to be a not-too-sky-high-wearable height and this is a good transitional shoe from dress to jeans. A note of warning, if you have short legs, you may wanna just stick to wearing a pair like this with jeans. That top strap is gonna cut your leg off at the ankle and do you NO favors.

Here are some other dressy numbers from the Aldo site that I like for fall: another heel in the vein as the one above and sass up a t-shirt-and-jeans outfit with this purple guy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twelve by Twelve

All of my thrifty, fashionable friends love Forever 21. And I'm right there on the train with 'em. However, as I'm going to be 31 this week, there are things I look for in a garment that I may not have when I was in my 20s--one being a little more quality, and two being a little less hoochy-mama. I'm not saying that Forever 21 has nothing but clothes that are shabby and sluttacious, but that you have to be a little more selective than maybe when you were 25.

If you haven't heard, last year F21 launched a line called Twelve by Twelve, which targets a "more sophisticated" audience. “Forever 21 is fast fashion; it’s quick-turn, young and fun,” said Betsy Zanjani, vice president of merchandising for the project, “whereas Twelve by Twelve is a grouping of items designed to go together, to be worn together. It will be a little bit more sophisticated, much more luxury.” Twelve by Twelve's flagship stand-alone store is in L.A. with many more in-store boutiques around the country. And they have a GREAT website! Here are a couple of my favorite pieces: a shiny clutch to snazz up a black dress, love a long cardigan, and an easy, beautiful top.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

The video is done kids...just in time to see the Jamaican sprinters rock our faces off at the Olympics, an island-themed video for your viewing pleasure. Check it out! I think it's awesome, and I even make a guest appearance! I'm so famous.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nashville Weekend Sale Updates

Belk: An old stand-by, they are running the extra 50% off sale again, and there's LOTS of new stuff. If you are in the market for a pair of designer jeans for the fall, there are tons of great pairs for around $50, and lots of bermudas and cropped jeans too. I saw Chip and Pepper, 7, and Joe's. Oh, and the extra 50% off applies to shoes too!

Emmaline: In downtown Franklin, and my old employer :-)...They've slashed sale prices to move it out. Tracy Reese, Plenty, Rebecca Taylor, Graham and Spencer all under $100.

Two Elle: She is putting out her fall stuff tomorrow, and I heard whispers about lots of promotions for the weekend on other sale stuff.

The Grove: If you stop by 2L, you need to walk across the street to The Grove...lots of French Connection, Joie, and Plenty at 50% off.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


On my last trip to Atlanta's Lenox Mall, which I frequent to shop for my clients, I stopped in the newly opened Madewell. I am such a sucker for a beautiful space to shop. I'm the same with restaurants, which is one of the reasons I don't love SATCO in Nashville as much as every guy I know loves it. I'm in for the experience, like for example, H. Audrey in The Hill Center. I will probably not in this lifetime ever be able to buy anything there that's not deeply discounted, but the interior design and layout of the place is literally inspiring. That's how I felt when I walked into Madewell. If you run across a store, you must go in.

Even though I'm a stylist, I would say that my go-to outfit on days when I'm running around is a soft t-shirt, preferably heather gray, and comfy jeans. I'm wearing it today, actually, and I've been running around. Madewell is that look epitomized. There are YUMMY t-shirts, soft cardigans and tank tops galore as well as every shape, size, color, and cut of denim you can imagine, all laid out in a store sort of like a more hip, and considerably less dark, loud and hyper-smelling than Abercrombie. And more grown-up.

Madewell is the daughter store of J. Crew, but it's not as preppy and it's lower-priced. You're not gonna see any navy shorts with pink whales on them at Madewell, for example. The L.A. Times said, "Madewell also features some exciting collaborations with Brazil’s Havaianas for flip flops, France’s Spring Court for Converse-like tennis shoes and New York based Philip Crangi, known for his medieval meets Victorian jewelry." Sounds fun! Maybe Nashville will get one!

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Tour of the South"--Stop 1, Oxford, MS

Hollie, Annie, and I and some large drinks at The Library

When I say that I was prepared to not like Oxford, MS, that is probably an understatement. Being the LSU Tiger that I am, I had only visited Oxford to give the Rebels a beat-down in football, handily, I might add. And two different times. I had never ventured to the downtown area though, and thanks to my friend and Ole Miss alum, Annie Barnes, along with our other great friend Hollie Bryson, we headed down on a random summer roadtrip to take it all in. It's very quaint and a really good spot to head for a day and a half.

Iced coffee on the upstairs porch at Square Books

Faulkner anyone?

We started with a shrimp-cake po-boy at City Grocery, an Oxford main stay and had afternoon coffee (the best iced coffee I've ever had outside south Louisiana--rich and syrupy like in New Orleans) at Square Books, where they have an entire section devoted to William Faulkner, Nobel Prize winner who grew up in Oxford. Square Books is one of those charming but rare mom-and-pop-owned book stores that still remains, it seems. They carry lots of books from local and Southern authors, many of which are signed editions. We also shopped at what has to be one of the oldest dept. stores still around, Neilsens, open since 1839! They had an exceptional Voluspa candle selection. My favorite stop was Cicada--although pricey, it had the sensibility of a boutique that you would find in a bigger city, with hard-to-find brands and a beat on what is on-trend. Other stops included:
  • Glo, a very hip home furnishings place
  • Mustard Seed Antique Emporium, one of those multi-booth, antique places that's like a giant awesome garage sale
  • Chique, a shoe store that supports Brazilians who manufacture the shoes designed by the owner
  • Therapy, shoes, jewelry, & clothes
  • Oxford Floral Company, way more than a flower shop, they have a great selection of unique china, yummy candles, and great gifts
  • Off-Square Books, the discount counterpart of Square, which had an impressive selection of indie band CDs.
  • Zoe, tons of bath stuff, perfume, cosmetics.
Other places we ate and drank...ummm, and danced:
  • 208, very hip and some GREAT food! I had grouper with this unforgettable succotash.
  • The Library Sports Bar, watch some sports, drink some big vodka tonics.
  • Newk's, literally the biggest and best salad I've had in a long time. Try their signature sherry vinaigrette. Yumarooni.
  • Bottletree Bakery, apparently everyone who is anyone eats there on a regular basis. Homemade breads, sausage-n-biscuits, and a homey atmosphere that feels like your grandma's.
  • The Lyric, a new music/bar/dance club venue soon to host such acts as Jenny Lewis and Shawn Colvin
  • The Burgundy Room, upstairs from Old Venice Pizza Co., sit on the balcony, enjoy a reasonably-priced cocktail overlooking the square
For a very good and exhaustive list of other places to hang...I found this guide pretty much hits the high points. Geaux Tigers!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lash Blast Off

I'm a big believer in mascara. If anyone ever asked me which makeup product is an absolute necessity, I'd say first mascara followed closely by concealer and lip gloss. With those three things you can at least manage to look awake and 50% less scary than without any makeup at all. So if mascara is at the top of the list, you better have a good product. I was a big believer for YEARS in Loreal LashOut, just recently had switched to Maybelline Full-n-Soft, all the while hearing the little devil on my shoulder telling me I should just go ahead and pay $25 for Dior Diorshow. Get thee behind me Satan, I've found the best mascara for just $7.99...Cover Girl Lash Blast!!

I felt pretty confident recommending it until last Wednesday, at which point, I was completely sold and am just gonna start wearing a Lash Blast sandwich board. I worked on a cover shoot for Atlanta Peach magazine with Julianne Hough (more on that later) and was partnered with very well-known Nashville hair and makeup artist Brady Wardlaw--he's worked with everyone in Nashville at this point. When he pulled that fatty orange tube out of his kit, I gleefully said, "Ohmigosh! I totally use that mascara! Isn't it the best?!" While he wasn't quite as excited as I, he did say it's the best he's used in a while. When a guy like this who gets makeup thrown at him left and right and has the budget to use whatever-the-heck brand he wants, says he uses Cover Girl, sure makes a budget-conscious girl like myself proud.

I've never actually ordered anything from, but CGLB is pretty cheap on there right now, AND they have everyday free shipping. Just another reason we don't actually have to spend money on gas to go to Rite-Aid to buy it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Want This Purse

One of the great things about being your own boss is that you can take off whenever you want. Of course, a couple of the sucky things are that you match your own 401(k), no co-workers to goof off with, no office Christmas parties to drink free booze, and of course, these vacations that you do take are not freakin' paid.

Despite this fact however, I've done practically a tour of the South over the last few weeks, making stops in Oxford, MS; Austin, TX; Knoxville, TN; and now Charleston, SC. I'm gonna do a blog telling you my favorite places in all of those cities to shop. But one of the things I have on my mind right now is a purse I saw in Steve Madden, of all places, in Charleston over this past weekend. And they're having a fall preview sale in all their stores right now and on-line. Yippee! This purse looks WAY more expensive than $50ish bucks and it's bright red on the inside. I first was turned on to Steve Madden bags by my friend Libby. She was carrying a beautiful creme one a few weeks ago, and I could have sworn it was a $200 purse. She stealthily whispered to me when I asked her who made it that it was by Steve Madden. Shut up! They are pretty well-made, and for that price, you could buy one in black and creme. I'm seriously loving the patent black one though. Slightly obsessed.