Monday, July 21, 2008

Lark & Wolff

Probably the only good thing about a sucky economy is that the high-end clothing industry is forced to have a look at what they can do to still peddle their wares at a lower price. From GO International collections at Target to Forever 21 knock-offs, retailers everywhere are noticing that the population at large wants cute stuff, but really is starting to think twice about those extra few bucks. Urban Outfitters is one of the most recent to jump on the bandwagon. Their new designer collection is by Steven Alan. When I was a buyer at Emmaline, we bought from his showroom. The collection is called Lark & Wolff. Steven's signature, somewhat, is looking high-fashion in a disheveled, "What, I look cool? No, stop it" kind of way.

Another recent collection by designer Geren Ford (a fave) called Hawks is still selling at Urban as well. I probably like it a little better, just because it has a little more color and is a tad more feminine. Here's a good piece.

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Anonymous said...

urban is surprisingly transitional from teeny to adult. it definitely has not always been that way! yay!