Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun With Bubbles

Here are some pics from my shoot on Friday with Callan Lane, who was the aforementioned Radio Disney star. It was super-fun because I finally got to use some old school high-tops (not much demand for that among musicians here in Nashville) and get really rad with some of her outfits. I was feeling very 80s-inspired in the second one with the stripes and then the Gwen-Stefani clean but cool vibe in the one with the flower. Callan was very courageous; I'll give her that. She was pretty much up for anything "not Nashville."

This picture is pretty standard for most shoots in that there's lots of behind-the-scenes action, especially among the photography assistants. This didn't involve holding a light stationary for 12 straight minutes or anything brutal like that, but BUBBLES!! There were these great bubble machines that we DID NOT have when I was a kid. Remember having to perfect the right amount of breath to blow on the bubble juice holder with the one little hole? It was impossible! These were like bubble pistols. Very high-tech. Kids these days have it all.

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