Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cute Things I Found at the Mall

Boutique shopping is fun, and it's where you can find those really unique pieces. But the sales are at the malls. Here are some cute things I found yesterday while I was out shopping for a Radio Disney star. You read it right. Styling jobs in Nashville come in all shapes and sizes.

These yellow thong sandals--so cute and bright! (Steve Madden, on sale for $39.99 at Belk) One of my favorite things to do when I'm putting an outfit together just to give it a little pop or make it a little more unexpected is to do just that...pick a pair of shoes that is unexpected. For instance, this yellow shoe does not need to only be worn with yellow and white. They are begging to be worn with other colors. You could just wear your plain khaki ones. That's fine, and it's safe. But why not when you throw that gray t-shirt on to run to Target, just put these on instead of the khaki? Takes your boring outfit up to at least a 7 instead of the 4 where you were sittin' before. And it still looks like you really don't care.

The next cute find is at Express. Every time I think I'm about
to do a post called "Welcome Back, Express from the Land of Gaudy Sequins", they do something else ridiculous with them, like sell a hot-pink, sequined booty-skirt. Too Mariah Carey. Let's just say, "Welcome Back, Express. I Can Finally Sometimes Shop There Now." This little converted western shirt is adorable ($59.50, and they send out coupons like GEICO with their junk mail.) You can't tell how cute it is in this picture, but it has neat snap-buttons and some shiny silver running through it, and I'm a sucker for a ruffle sleeve. Here's a dress that's pretty fun that's in stores now too.

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