Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Champion in Me

Greg Louganis' killer nose-dive, Florence Griffith Joyner's wild fingernails, Kerri Strug's ankle--these are some images from Summer Olympics past that will be etched in my memory forever. It's pretty hard to believe that styling could lead one to help create any images that have a part in the Olympics. That's ridiculous. But I kinda did...in a roundabout sort of, but not-really kind of way. Whatever. I love the Olympics. GO USA!

I just blogged at the beginning of the month about doing wardrobe for the special AT&T Wireless video for 3 Doors Down's exclusive song for the Olympics soundtrack. Dude, this song would have definitely been played back in the day as the Lady Hornets from Linville High School (yes, I was one) took the court to be soundly defeated. Makes me wanna go run a couple miles even now. Have a look--the fireworks are at least pretty impressive.

The wardrobe for the video was supposed to consist of pieces that were rock-n-roll, were maybe a little shiny and that would pop off the screen. We accomplished this by using a good bit of jewelry, a jeweled t-shirt or two and some jeans with a few tears--things with texture, in other words. One of the brands I was turned onto at Barney's Co-op in Austin was Loomstate. Brad, the lead singer, is wearing one of the t-shirts in the video. Read the link about the responsibility they take in respecting the environment and using organic materials. And the t-shirts are BUTTERY SOFT!

(By the way, I met the gal running at the beginning of the video, and she's the most ripped female I've ever seen in real life. Her abs almost poked me in the eye.)

A behind the scenes shot day-of.


Anonymous said...

this is one more reason for me to get excited about the olympics!!!

2 things that always make me cry:
1. opening ceremony of the olympics
2. opening night in tiger stadium when the jets fly over!!! secretly, i married kyle for his 50 yard line tickets :)

i'll be so proud when i see the 3DD video!!!

Amber Lehman said...

girl! you gotta go check it out! the video has a chopper fly-by. and with the awesome wardrobe, it's bound to draw a tear!