Monday, June 16, 2008

Sidenote: Sportscenter

One of the highlights of my professional career may have happened in about 1.2 seconds this morning. I flipped over to ESPN, and they were playing a 3 Doors Down song during Sportscenter. Those of you who know me know that sports is a close second to fashion in terms of my great loves in life. This morning, the 3DD song "Train" was on during Sportscenter's The Ultimate Highlight. Well, that's great and all, but ever-so-briefly they flashed the album cover at the end of the song, which I definitely picked some of the clothes for. It was my 1.2 seconds of sports fame. Since I can't have Erin Andrews' job as a sideline reporter, I guess this will have to work.

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Anonymous said...

thats so much fun! i think of you every time i see that video... i am not a big video watcher but i often see it when im flipping back and forth.