Monday, June 9, 2008

Salsa and On-Line Greeting Cards

You might laugh, but this is true. I'm buying my dad salsa for Father's Day. What man doesn't love salsa?! But seriously, there's this great salsa that we always buy that my dad loves to eat when he comes to my house in Nashville, but he can't get it in Louisiana. Since I'm fresh out of hunting/fishing accessories to buy him, I figured what better gift than roasted corn and chipotle salsa.

Let's say you don't wanna give your dad salsa for Father's Day. Well, I found this great website where you can send on-line cards. Traditionally, you go to, you pick one out, you write a quick greeting and you send it on. With this site, you can invite others to sign the card with you (e.g. all your siblings for Father's Day, all your gal-pals for your friend's bday who lives somewhere else.) You can also attach pictures, voice notes...I think it's a really cool idea, especially for someone long distance, maybe a college friend's 30th bday or something like that. It's at And it's free!

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