Monday, June 16, 2008

Cute Things I Found at Target

Who doesn't love the occasional shopping spree at Target? What am I talking about? I swear every time I go in there is a shopping spree. I cannot NOT SPEND $50 on every trip. Gah. Buying cute little trendy clothes there is so fun though, isn't it?

Here are some cute finds from this weekend while I was there buying stuff for a hospital commercial. Woohoo. (Note the lovely Target carpet in the background.) LEFT: This little chocolate brown jersey dress is so easy. It has a bubble-hem, bra-friendly straps and would look so cute with sandals and a head scarf. I can't stand things that cling to me in this heat, so these kinds of dresses are staples for me in the summer. It is $19.99. BOTTOM: This Mossimo top was featured in Lucky this month, and it retails for $17.99. This too is so easy with a pair of white bermudas or a linen pant. I love the colors. And again, not clingy.

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Christine said...

NICE! I got a cute pair of Mossimo cuffed shorts there the other day for $14.99, and I love them!