Wednesday, May 7, 2008

H & M to open in ATL this week!

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Reasons to go to New York: 1. Broadway (wait, I can't afford that...Off-Broadway.) 2. Food. Went to Bobby Flay's restaurant last time I was there and got apps. cuz, wait, can't really afford real food there either. 3. H & M. Yes! I can afford that!

Finally--No more waiting 'til you have to go to NYC or Chicago to shop the trendiest department store stuff this side of Forever 21!! H & M is opening at North Point Mall in Atlanta TOMORROW! This is the first of four stores to open in the Atlanta area. The next three include Atlantic Station, Mall of Georgia, and Town Center Mall.

Anyone wanna carpool!?
Mon - Sat 10-9, Sunday 10a-10p

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