Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deal of the Day--Sex and the City

As many of you gals know, "Sex and the City" the movie comes out this weekend. Well, I had a little pre-party at mi casa last night where we drank cosmos, ate fatty cheese and crackers, and watched the last two episodes to get ready for May 30. Since I had already invited 15 girls over and boneheadedly deleted the last two episodes that I had been saving for weeks on my DVR, and Netflix Season 6: Disc 3 is just "bonus materials"...son-of-a...I thought about going and scouring the greater Nashville area Blockbusters for the last season. I thought the safer bet would be to head to Target and just buy it. Little did I know that there was my deal of the day (granted I might have found more deals in the clothing section, but I didn't allow myself within 30 ft. of that area yesterday.) If you buy any of the seasons of SatC, you get a FREE MOVIE TICKET redeemable at any theater for up to $10.50. Sweet! I bought Part III of Season 6 for $17.99. So, $17.99 minus my movie ticket, now a whopping $9.50 = good deal. And I'm going to see the movie this weekend anyway. Yay!

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