Friday, May 9, 2008

Coolest Pen Ever

So for all the people who've asked me where I got my cool lipstick pen.  Okay, for the one person who asked me where I got my lipstick pen...I found it!!!  I got mine for free at a boutique in Charleston, and I use it all the time.  It's the perfect size to fit into the cell phone pocket of my purse right beside my antique, rotary cell phone.  Anywho, I was starting to stress about getting a refill for's not like I can just walk into my local Staples..."Hi, I'm here for a lipstick pen refill."  "Your pen doubles as lipstick?"  "No, it looks like lipstick, but it's a pen.  And I need a refill."  "Wait, so you need more lipstick?"  "No, I need more ink for my LIPSTICK PEN!"  Now I can just go to and order them in bulk.  You can get one too!  There's lots of other sweet, funky stuff on that site too, like a Rubik's cube clock.  And these band-aids that look like bacon!  It probably makes your bo-bo feel better.  Everything's better with bacon, right?   

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