Friday, May 23, 2008

Amber, I'm a Grown-up.

I know that you're a grown-up. And so am I, but I freaking love the boy shorts at American Eagle. (They are currently on sale 8 for $25.) Of course, when I actually go in the store, I bring the average age of the customers up to about 13.5. You could still do that, of course, but why not just order on-line? These are literally my favorite underwear in the world, and I never would have tried them if not for my friend Ashley Hawthorne in Baton Rouge. Now I'm a believer.

You're gonna need to go up a size though. They're built for the aforementioned 12-year olds. Yeah, we're not really the demographic, what with the having hips and all. And maybe steer clear of the undies with the "I'm a hottie" on the butt.


Anonymous said...

shoot yeah, girl. those are the best! i have to admit, though, i have been cheating on them with another kind... they are SO expensive though, but even better than the american eagle ones. they are called hanky pankies (department stores and online only) and they cost $20/pair (dont have sales). so, i guess for the money, AE is still WAYYYY better!

Amber Lehman said...

I have definitely tried the hanky panky. And I think for the lacey thong, they are hard to beat. I'm still on the AE boyshort train hardcore though :-)